Compassionate Cuisine

Cook, eat and learn
in a ground-breaking vegan culinary program
taught on Sanctuary grounds!

2014 Class Schedule

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Vegan food is every bit delicious and creative as traditional food – some would argue even more so – except that it’s better for you, the planet and of course, the animals. Delve into vegan cooking with our Compassionate Cuisine Culinary Program and learn about new ingredients, nutrition, ethnic flavors, baking and more.

Black Bean Mango Salad - Make dishes like these in Compassionate Cuisine classes.

Black Bean Mango Salad – Make dishes like these in Compassionate Cuisine classes.

Cooking Classes

2014 Class Schedule

Catskill Animal Sanctuary is uniquely positioned to offer a vegan culinary program; the love and compassion for our animal friends come through in our approach to teaching people how to embrace this lifestyle. The program is designed to instruct and inspire everyone, from the curious to the committed, and is intended to be relaxed, fun and informative. As director of Compassionate Cuisine, our vegan chef/instructor, Linda Soper-Kolton (who graduated from New York’s Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts) creates classes for all skill levels and teaches in the “judgment-free” kitchen of The Homestead, a 200-year-old farmhouse on sanctuary grounds. See what people are saying about our classes.

Vegan cooking classes at Catskill Animal Sanctuary

Chef Linda in the “judgment-free” teaching kitchen at
The Homestead

Class benefits include:

  • Generous food tastings
  • Detailed lesson plans and recipes to take home
  • An opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals
  • Learning life-changing skills to help you lead a healthier, and more compassionate life
  • Email support from the Chef Linda for post-class questions

You can feel good about your class fee because it also supports the vital work that we do to provide a safe haven for neglected and abused farm animals and important educational programs that help move our mission forward, making the world a more compassionate place for all beings.

Group Visits

We welcome community, youth, school, and organizational group visits on weekdays or weekends for special sanctuary tours. For groups of 50 or more, our Compassionate Cuisine program can provide a delicious vegan lunch as part of your experience.  Please call 845-336-8447 ext. 205 to make a reservation at least a month in advance.

Group visit to Catskill Animal Sanctuary

Group visit to Catskill Animal Sanctuary

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