BartlebyIn April 2015 we welcomed Bartleby, who had been living with a family for a few months after this four-year-old was abandoned in their community. Bartleby was immediately welcomed by our Underfoot Family, a group of friendly animals free to roam the grounds.

While our Underfoot Family members are generally well-behaved, Bartleby is one of our Three Troublemakers, along with Violet and Dolores. These three never fail to remind us just how much other animals have their own strong and unique personalities! Aside from being a troublemaker, Bartleby is a deeply affectionate boy who loves attention. Come say hi to this sweet guy!

Bartleby was once our "chief mischief-maker"–on his first day as a free-ranging Underfoot, he head butted a car! Recently, he has mellowed and seems to prefer snuggling. "Bad boy turned lovebug" happens quite often at Catskill Animal Sanctuary. ❤️

Posted by Catskill Animal Sanctuary on Wednesday, March 22, 2017


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