BenjaminBenjamin was born on a farm in New Jersey and got lucky. The owners, who’d inherited the beef farm from their father, wanted to end the operation and began searching for homes for the remaining cows. The timing of Benjamin's rescue could not have been better. We had been in search of a friend for young Blossom, and the two hit it off right off the bat.

More and more, those whose livelihoods are built on animal agriculture are finding the courage to stand up for the animals and the environment and say, “I get it. I will not participate.” For another example of a farmer who had a change of heart, see Mario & Audrey’s story.

Benjamin Finds a Home

Little Benjamin needed a home. So Born To Run Farm called Catskill Animal Sanctuary to see if we could give him one.Blossom is the same age and needed a playmate who could keep up with her. And so Benjamin became the second calf to be cared for by gentle giant Tucker and loving Sadie.December 1 is #GivingMoosDay, a one-day fundraiser for the rescued cows of Catskill Animal Sanctuary. You can donate right here on Facebook just by commenting #donate and a dollar amount. To make it even faster you can create your donor profile right now in just a minute. Thank you!

Posted by Catskill Animal Sanctuary on Tuesday, November 24, 2015


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