Slaughterhouse escapee turned house duck, Bruce is finally enjoying his life freely outdoors. After Bruce originally escaped from a “live market” in Brooklyn where he was cruelly debeaked,  he found a home as an indoor duck living with a woman in her New York City apartment. Unfortunately, Bruce’s first friend and rescuer was losing her home and was concerned about Bruce. A local rescuer helped to place Bruce with us at Catskill Animal Sanctuary.

Today Bruce enjoys basking in the sun with his friend Valentina. And, if he sees one of his human friends walk by, he will waddle over to the fence to say hello with his tail wagging all the way! And if you go into his area? Be prepared to have a duck sit in your lap for a long, long time.

Bruce’s beak was severed by humans, yet he now adores spending time with people. Love can heal a broken soul. Love can create miracles. We see them every day.

Posted by Catskill Animal Sanctuary on Tuesday, May 9, 2017


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