Jacqueline, Lonnie, & Loretta

Jacqueline, Lonnie, & Loretta

Mama Jacqueline is one of the many goats, cows, pigs, and sheep rescued from a “backyard butcher” in Orange County, New York in 2015. The Hudson Valley SPCA led the rescue of over 100 starving and dehydrated animals. The rescued animals were given homes at 4 reputable sanctuaries in New York.

Catskill Animal Sanctuary happily accepted 27 goats, several of whom were pregnant at the time of their rescue. Jacqueline gave birth to Lonnie and Loretta in January of 2016.

Today, the whole family (and their adoptive sister Violet) spends its days free-ranging (and sometimes causing trouble) as part of our cast of characters known as the Underfoot Family.

"You're it!" Sisters Loretta and Lonnie broke into a game of tag while waiting for lunch.

Posted by Catskill Animal Sanctuary on Friday, January 29, 2016


Loretta knows exactly where she wants sit. Who cares if Lonnie got there first? Sisters!

Posted by Catskill Animal Sanctuary on Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Off to Bed!

Babies need their sleep if they're going to grow up big and strong. Lonnie and Loretta are off to bed with their mother, Jacqueline. Sweet dreams, little ones!

Posted by Catskill Animal Sanctuary on Monday, February 22, 2016


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