Mario & Audrey

Mario and AudreyAs former pig farmer Bob Comis got to know the pigs he was raising and killing, he could no longer ignore that they had deep emotional experiences. Finally, he decided that he could not continue harming pigs and gave up his past livelihood to begin advocating for animals. A small group of lucky pigs from his last herd were spared and went to sanctuaries in 2015.

Two of those lucky pigs, Mario and Audrey, found a forever home at Catskill Animal Sanctuary. Today Mario spends his days eating the roots of the willow tree in their yard while Audrey digs mud baths in their field.

A documentary titled The Last Pig shares the story of Bob Comis’ change of heart. Find a film screening near you!

Will you become a sponsor and best friend by helping with the cost of food, bedding, and medical care? Learn how you can sponsor an animal.