JasmineIn October 2014 a woman called Catskill Animal Sanctuary about a piglet wandering the woods near her home. Carla lived by a stream where the piglet was probably foraging for acorns. With the help of local animal control, she tried unsuccessfully for three days to set a trap. And then inspiration struck: using vegan shepherd's pie she was able to lure the hungry piglet into a dog crate!

Carla drove ninety minutes to our Sanctuary to give the baby pig a new home. We were immediately charmed by our newest resident.

Jasmine was just four months old and weighed thirty-five pounds when she arrived. Too small to live with the grown-up pigs, she spent her days with Bruce the Muscovy duck, who would groom her while they cuddled. Now Jasmine is all grown up and the queen bee in our “Piglet” field, where she patiently puts up with the antics of our younger rescued pig friends. She now weighs in at well over 300 pounds!

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