JosephIn March 2015, Joseph was living in a cage in a New York City apartment when police conducted a drug raid and found him along with pit bulls who were being raised for fighting. The dogs went to an animal shelter that called Catskill Animal Sanctuary about finding Joseph a good home.

Our dedicated Animal Care staff kept him in the office during his quarantine period and were surprised by his affection. In spite of everything he had been through at the hands of humans, he really enjoyed human companionship.

We found out just how much he preferred the company of humans when we moved him to live with the other ducks. He didn't seem happy and spent his time alone. So for a while, he lived in the barn office, contentedly waddling over to staff and asking to be picked up for a hug.

In Spring 2015, two young ducks arrived from a local farm supply store, where they were going to be killed because they couldn’t be sold. Joseph, realizing that he could boss the young, small ducks around, took an immediate liking to them. Fred and Ethel helped Joseph embrace the outdoors, water, and the company of other ducks to become the fully fledged duck that he is today.

Joseph lived his life inside a cage in a NYC apartment so he's comfortable around people, but around other ducks … not so much yet. So he's living in the barn office and goes for adventures with the staff to get him in touch with his "ducky-ness." Here he is taking his first steps into water. He's taking to it like … well, you know.

Posted by Catskill Animal Sanctuary on Friday, April 17, 2015


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