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She Wanted Her Life: Considering Your Barbecued Chicken

If you’re like me, there’s little you won’t do to enrich the life of your dog or your cat: we want our beloveds to thrive. That same approach occurs here […]

Vegan Athlete

Three cheers for Marc Wood who's competing in the Westchester Triathlon next month and raising money for the animals along the way! Can you help cheer him on by donating to his [...]

A Local Boy Scout Is Kind, Helpful, and Vegetarian

We can’t thank our volunteers enough. (But I’ll keep trying. THANK YOU!) Whether it’s group clean-up projects on a weekend or caring for the animals on a daily basis, volunteers […]

Share Your Compassion This Thanksgiving

Sponsor a turkey in November for $25 and you’ll receive a glossy photo of your sponsored turkey to place on your Thanksgiving table as our special thank you! Did you know? […]

Would Perdue Recognize a Happy Chicken if it Saw One?

The New York Times has a positive story on Perdue’s efforts to eliminate using antibiotics in chickens. Jim Perdue says, “What you think is humane treatment of an animal and […]

Reports of an Overturned Truck of Pigs Missed the Real Story

You may have seen the story about a truck overturning in Ohio while carrying 2,200 pigs. The death toll is up to half of them. The terrible truth is that the […]

The Most Shocking Investigative Videos That Expose Factory Farms

Today we have a guest post from Maria Ramos: Most shoppers have no idea about the severe animal abuse that takes place in factory farms, where animals are mutilated and […]

An Epidemic Beyond the Flu

Today’s New York Times reports on the bird flu epidemic. Each year billions of chickens are killed. They were likely exploited so humans could consume them for meat or their […]

Why is Telling the Truth a Criminal Act?

This week The New York Times reported on the case of woman who was indicted four years after trespassing on Hudson Valley Foie Gras’ property. At issue is the question […]

OK, I’m Vegan! Now What?

Today we have a guest post from one of our tour guides, Nikki Rowell. All the photos were taken by her. I became vegan in May of 2013. A friend […]