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Meet Nina: Our Baby Lamb Rescued From Easter Slaughter

In eighteen years of rescue, we’ve learned a lot about sheep. They are loyal, affectionate, and shy. To get to know a sheep is to earn their trust, and to [...]

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Big Announcement: We’ve Got Baby Goats!

The nursery has been built for our two newest rescues: Alice and Leo. They are two 8-week old bonded rescues from the meat industry. Leo is blind. We’re so happy […]

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Baby Goat Diaries: Leo Likes to Play

After learning that baby Leo is deaf as well as blind, we are interacting with him through touch. We are so happy to share that he is reaching new developmental […]

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Alice Chases, Just Like a Puppy!

Alice loves to chase her favorite humans around, just like a puppy. In the ways that truly matter, we are all the same, whether we are farmed animals, companion animals, […]

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Alice Wants to Remind You All to Stay Hydrated!

Baby Alice wants to remind you all to stay hydrated! She’s learned how to drink water and graze but her adopted brother Leo still hasn’t picked up these skills, so […]

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Blind Baby Goat Leo Has Some Hearing

Blind baby goat Leo has some hearing, so we’re experimenting with music, voices, and touch to communicate with him. Your generosity is ESSENTIAL as we learn more about his long […]

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Edna and Penelope

as we turned the corner to the car, we saw two reddish brown birds scuttling around on the sidewalk, near the curb. As we got closer, we saw that they were chickens. Closer still, we realized that their beaks had been cut off. It was clear in that moment that they had been abandoned and that we needed to do something.


Meet one of our very special rescues, Cricket. After living life at the end of a metal chain tied to a tree, Cricket is finally free. Will you donate on [...]

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Big Bird, Bigger Heart

If you've read my books, been on a Catskill tour, or been part of our family for a while, you know we have a mantra of sorts that goes, "In the ways [...]

Ashley & Pliers: Happy at Last

Two horses who we thought had a slim chance at a happy life have proved that miracles can happen. Pliers, who used to ward us away with aggressive body language, [...]

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