Fences Down but Animals are Safe After Irene

These New Yorkers never thought they would see a hurricane hit so close to home!
Hurricane Irene pummeled upstate New York Sunday morning with driving wind and rain. The usually peaceful pond on CAS’s property turned into a raging river that spread out into the geese, rabbit, duck, sheep and pig areas. While the pigs were delighted with the extra mud, the others were in harm’s way, so we brought them into the main barn before their homes were saturated and filled with debris.
The wind brought down nine big trees on our property that crushed fencing where they fell and knocked out our electricity. CAS staff and volunteers are hard at work this week getting the farm back into shape; a job that will take more than a few days to finish.
We are glad to say that all of us—animals and humans—survived unscathed, and were grateful for the shining sun Monday morning! We wish our friends a quick return to normalcy, and gently remind everyone that until humanity radically alters its lifestyle, our fragile planet will grow increasingly unstable in response to our disrespect.



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