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Cool Beans! It’s Chili Season!

Who doesn’t love a big bowl of hot chili on a cold day? We’ve got lots of things cooking at the Sanctuary to pay homage to this beloved classic and keep your heart warm at the same time!

Rumor has it that the original dish originated in the early 1800s in southern Texas/Northern Mexico with working-class Mexican women who cooked up their version using the ingredients that were available to them. For most of us, chili has become a staple meal for cold weather, tailgating, and anytime we need something delicious and hearty to warm us up.

Chili gets its heat not only from spices, like cayenne and chipotle, but because its ingredients are hotly contested by aficionados. Geography provokes some of the most passionate disputes; Cincinnati, Texas, Mexicodepending on where your roots and recipes come from, your ingredients will differ. Beans? Tomatoes? Meat? Debate if you will, but here at Catskill, there’s no debate about meat or other animal ingredients. Our chili recipe proves that no matter what your background or where you came from, compassion is the best-tasting ingredient.

And because we’re so sure that chili sin carne (chili without meat!) is the only way to go, we want to help you get your beans on and enjoy.

Gobble & Groove At Our Fall Barn Bash!

Join us for our vegan version of a festive chili bar with all the fixin’s at our annual fall celebration, Gobble & Groove. We’ve turned our daytime festival into an evening party with a Compassionate Cuisine dinner, dancing, and more! Our DIY chili bar, cornbread, seasonal salad, and scrumptious apple cobbler is the perfect way to ring in the season and we’re still keeping all your favorites like live music and feeding pumpkins to the pigsand adding amazing new treats: lawn games, a photo booth, and more! Tickets are limited so get yours today! 

Host a Chili Night 

The perfect chili should be yummy, warm, spicy, and delicious! Watch our video and learn how to make the famous smoky three bean chili recipe from our cookbook, Compassionate Cuisine: 125 Plant-Based Recipes From Our Vegan Kitchen so you can share the love of delicious vegan food with your friends and family. Make your chili and tag us on social media by October 31st 2019 and you’ll be entered to win your own signed copy of our book.

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