This summer was amazing! We made new friends of many species, connected with the residents of the sanctuary, learned about the effects of our actions on others, and took big steps to help animals in our communities— plus made and ate rice crispies and other great food!

Now we’re shifting gears to other projects, but expect registration for 2020 to open up in January! Want to get updates on registration? Email and we’ll let you know!

Can you believe that 2020 will be the 10th anniversary of Camp Kindness? We can’t wait to see you for this special year!

What are people saying about summer at Catskill Animal Sanctuary?

Kids say…

  • I liked getting to experience taking care of the animals. I liked to do that because it makes me happy to see animals happy.
  • It showed me that animals have characters and feelings too.
  • I really liked being with the animals. I liked that because I liked seeing all of the animals’ different personalities and stories.
  • It is really interesting here and it is really fun to be with the animals and we don’t even have one minute when there is nothing fun to do!

Parents say…

  • [My son] loved everything about the sanctuary and camp. He couldn’t wait to go every day.
  • My daughter loves this camp! She loves being with all the animals and always makes a new friend or two.

Read more testimonials here!

For more information about registration fees, discounts, scholarships, and policies, check out the FAQ!


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does registration cost?

The fee is $395.
Aftercare costs $90 in advance for all five days, or $20 per day during your session.
Payments are accepted by credit card or check. Discounts, payment plans, and scholarships are available – keep reading!

Do I get a discount for registering early?

Yes! If you register before April 1, you’ll get a 10% discount on registration!
If you’re mailing in your registration, it must be postmarked by March 31.

Do I get a discount for registering more than one of my children?

Yes! The second child, and any additional children, will receive a 10% discount (which can be combined with the early registration discount prior to April 1!). Fill out the registration form as normal for the first child and then email Lauren at to unlock the discount. Your children can attend different sessions and still get the discount.

How do I set up a payment plan?

It’s easy! Just choose the payment plan option when you’re registering. You’ll pay $100 up front, and we’ll be in touch to set up a plan for the balance. All discounts also apply to payment plans!

Registration fees must be paid in full at least 7 days prior to your session.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

Scholarships are available for children who would otherwise be unable to financial hardship. To apply, fill out the registration form and select “Scholarship Applicant” in the payment section. Then, download and fill out the Scholarship Application (which is also sent to you in your confirmation email) and send it and supplemental materials to us as directed on the form.

Scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis and we may not be able to offer scholarships to all applicants.

All inquiries and financial information will be kept strictly confidential.

One of my child’s friends would love to come this summer. Do I get something for referring a friend?

Why yes, you do! You can refer a friend to be entered for random selection for a free night at The Homestead, our on-site guest house! Here’s what to do:

  1. Sign your child up for a session.
  2. Tell your friends! Link to this page on your social media, send out an email, talk it up the next time you’re out getting coffee… just make sure you tell your friends to write your name in the referral section of their registration form.
  3. Your friend registers their child for any session (which doesn’t have to be the session your child is attending) and they write your name in the referral section.
  4. You’re in! Every mention in the referral section counts as an entry.
  5. Get more entries by referring more friends!
  6. One person will be randomly selected by August 9, and notified via email.

    Some terms and conditions apply.

Is this an overnight program?

Unfortunately we don’t have the facilities for kids to stay overnight (and all of our barns are full!). But we’d like to offer this in the future!

My child has allergies or medical needs. Can they be accommodated?

Of course! Our staff works hard to make sure that your child is safe and comfortable. Please describe your child’s needs on your registration and we’ll be in touch to discuss them as necessary.

What is the food like?

Meals vary throughout the week, and include things like pasta, sandwiches, and – everyone’s favorite – pizza! Plus fruit, cookies, popsicles, and other treats. Peanut butter (or another nut/seed butter) and jelly sandwiches are also always available.

If your child is a picky eater or has medical needs relating to diet, you are welcome to send them with their own food. However, out of respect for our mission and residents, we request that all food and drinks brought on-site be vegan and free of all animal products (meat, animal-based dairy products, eggs, honey, etc.). We’re happy to advise you about this if necessary!

Where can we stay in the area?

You’re in luck! We have on-site accommodations in our historic, restored guest house – The Homestead. You’ll stay on the sanctuary grounds and enjoy a delicious vegan breakfast before your child’s day starts. And you'll get 10% off at the Homestead if you book the full week during your session! Email Lauren or Alex to get the code.

There are many other accommodations in the region, from campgrounds to vacation resorts. The Hudson Valley region is beautiful in the summer – vibrant towns, beautiful natural spaces, special events and festivals, and plenty of great restaurants.

Can I volunteer at the sanctuary?

While we ask that parents don’t volunteer with their child’s program, you are welcome to explore our other volunteer opportunities, including Animal Care! You can volunteer for one to five days. Email for more information.

What should my child bring each day?

Your child should wear weather-appropriate clothes that can get wet, muddy, and dirty. Shoes must be closed-toed for safety reasons, and waterproof footwear is highly recommended.

We also recommend:

  • A large water bottle, filled with water, to be refilled during the day
  • Sunscreen – please apply sunscreen BEFORE arriving and bring it with you to re-apply (spray sunscreen is preferred)!
  • Bug spray
  • Hat
  • Towel
  • Bathing suit
  • Extra change of clothes, including socks, in case we get really dirty
  • Extra boots or shoes
  • Rain gear as needed (rain hat, coat, and boots)
  • Any medications or other medical needs

Your child is welcome to bring a camera or cell phone for taking pictures. Cell phones can also be used during downtime, like snack and lunch. However, we encourage everyone to participate in the here-and-now and discourage frequent phone usage.

Your child will have their own storage space during the week. Items can stay overnight, as long as they are not wet or dirty!

Catskill Animal Sanctuary is not responsible for lost or damaged items.

What should stay at home?

Please leave valuables at home so they are not lost or broken. Weapons and dangerous objects are also prohibited.

We recommend leaving money at home. We do have a gift shop on site, where you can make purchases on Friday afternoon. There is no other need for money during the day.

I need to contact my child or the staff during the day. How do I do that?

If the matter is not urgent, please email Lauren at To reach staff by phone, call 845-336-8447 x205.

If your child has their own phone, you are welcome to contact them through that. However, to discourage children from regularly using their phone, we ask that you only do so in the case of emergency.

My child is going to be late or will not be coming for one day during the week. Who should I notify?

Send an email to Lauren at We appreciate the heads-up so we won’t be worried about your child!

What topics do you talk about?

During Camp Kindness, we discuss the relationships between humans and animals, and the way that domesticated animals are treated by humans. We also share information about vegan choices and products with the children. Our caring staff is trained to do so in a warm, non-judgemental way. All children are welcome at Camp Kindness to connect with animals in a new way, think critically about our relationship with them, and make their own decisions about their life.

Is this program just for vegan kids?

Definitely not! In fact, nearly 70% of children who have attended our program in the past were not vegan. While we do encourage children to think critically about their choices, we do not judge them or their actions.

What is the staff like?

Youth programs are run by Lauren, the Youth Program Manager. Lauren has worked in science and environmental education since 2010 at state and national parks, as well as numerous schools in the Hudson Valley. This is her second year working in these programs, and she can’t wait for this summer and the years to come!

We also hire an Educator and two Interns for the programs.

Staff is trained in first aid and CPR for all participants’ safety. All staff also attend a week-long training in the first week of July to get to know the sanctuary residents, practice communication skills, and prepare for a fun, educational, and empowering summer.

Can I transfer to a different session after I’ve already paid?

No problem! Contact Lauren at or 845-336-8447 x205 and she’ll help you with this.

What if I have to cancel? Do I get a refund?

Please let us know as soon as possible! Our refund policy is as follows:

  • Refund requests received prior to May 14 will be issued a full refund less a $20 processing fee.
  • Refund requests received between May 15 and June 14 will be issued a 50% refund.
  • We do not issue any refunds for requests received after June 15.
What if Catskill has to cancel a session?

In the event of low registration, Catskill may choose to cancel a session or aftercare. If so, we will contact you about transferring your registration to another session, or refunding the full amount.

I have other questions. Who should I contact?

Contact Lauren at Thanks!