New Leaf Vegan Mentor Program

Share your passion, knowledge and experience.

Research shows that a supportive environment is vital for helping people become and remain vegan — and we’ve created a program designed to support you in guiding others.

The New Leaf Vegan Mentor Program is right for you if you meet the following criteria:

  1.  Age 18+
  2. Vegan for one year or more
  3. Can spare one to four hours per week
  4. Can commit to the role for at least one year
  5. Enthusiastic about sharing your vegan knowledge and experience
  6. Possess positive mentoring abilities, such as resourcefulness, honesty, dependability, resilience, caring and respect.

The process is easy. To meet your match, simply follow these steps:

  1. Email to apply
  2. Take the online training (four to five hours)
  3. Connect with a mentee, and start mentoring

Then, to ​successfully guide your mentee toward vegan living:​

  1. Follow the guidelines and best practices established during your training
  2. Help your mentee establish goals and identify needs
  3. Provide individualized guidance and moral support to help your mentee achieve their goals related to meal planning, shopping (food, clothing, cosmetics, household supplies, etc.), cooking, nutrition, dining out, and discussing veganism with family and friends
  4. Check in weekly with your mentee (unless your mentee and you agree to communicate more or less frequently),  using in-person meetings, phone, email, text, video chat, or any other agreed-upon method
  5. Share experiences, resources and reasons for veganism with your mentee to continue to educate and inspire them
  6. Mindfully challenge your mentee to encourage growth
  7. Support your mentee through any setbacks or challenges
  8. Respond in a timely fashion to infrequent surveys and other communications from New Leaf staff
  9. Contact New Leaf staff to address any questions or concerns that arise
  10. Request additional support and guidance from New Leaf staff, as necessary