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ellsworth_turkeySince September, Catskill Animal Sanctuary embarked on two remarkable rescues, welcoming over 200 beautiful birds to a new life surrounded by comfort and protection.  The chickens and turkeys now in our care will never be killed and cooked for dinner. Their stories will hopefully inspire people to see them as individuals, to rethink their perception of them as food, and to honor their lives by not eating their kin suffering right now on farms large and small.

Meet Ellsworth. Ellsworth and his flock of 80 abandoned domesticated turkeys lived for over a decade on the grounds of a hospital in Staten Island. Fed by well-meaning locals, but tormented and chased by others who considered them pests, Ellsworth and the others were finally declared nuisances by hospital officials and faced certain death. Despite advocacy efforts to find a humane solution to re-home these innocent turkeys, most were tragically rounded up and killed by authorities. When we first learned of the plight of these majestic  birds, we worked to gain custody and soon brought 28 deserving turkeys to a new life here at the sanctuary. Ellsworth and his pals race out to their garden in the morning to sun themselves and scratch for insects, freedoms that their farmed relatives are rarely granted. Their future is finally secure.

Camilla_chickenThis is Camilla. Camilla spent the first two years of her life crammed with other hens into a tiny wire cage. She had no room to spread her wings or move freely. Manipulated to increase her egg laying by practices like starvation and light deprivation, her little body got no rest. Spent and exhausted, Camilla was scheduled to be gassed to death along with thousands of other hens just like her. That’s when Catskill Animal Sanctuary stepped in and took part in a historic rescue. Camilla and 200 of her flock came to CAS with severe muscle atrophy, parasites and debilitated feet so staff got right to work giving the medical care and comfort these girls so desperately needed. Camilla is finally enjoying the simple pleasures of being a chicken; dust baths, nestling with her brood at night on soft hay, clucking and yes, spreading her wings.


Camilla and her gal pals race out of the aviary to greet a new day

This is why Catskill Animal Sanctuary is here, to give second chances to animals like Camilla and Ellsworth, so that they can live free from harm, surrounded by people who will love and nurture them. These recent rescues have doubled the number of animal residents and as you can imagine, have caused our expenses to quickly escalate. Soft bedding, nutritious food, medical care, a new barn, refurbished aviary, extensive protective fencing…these are things we gladly provide to make life safe, healthy and happy for these birds, but rescues of this size – so close together – place a heavy burden on our resources. That’s why we need your help.

There’s lots to do and our new friends are counting on us! Together, we can give animals like Camilla and Ellsworth the lives they so richly deserve. Won’t you please take part in this important campaign and help ensure that no bird is left behind?

Click here to Fortify the Flock with a one-time donation

Click here to Befriend a Bird with a $10 monthly donation

Learn more about the historic rescues of Ellsworth and Camilla.

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