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Episode 1: The Welcome Episode 

Welcome to Catskill Animal Sanctuary! Led by Founder and Executive Director, Kathy Stevens, the Sanctuary has worked since 2001 to rescue animals and change the world to end their exploitation.

Episode 2: The Great Sheep Rambo

Kathy Stevens tells a powerful tale of one of the Sanctuary’s first residents and greatest teachers


Episode 3: Off With The Races

Kathy Stevens interviews Patrick Battuello and Nicole Arciello of Horseracing Wrongs


Episode 4: Vegan 101

Kathy shares over FIFTY reasons for living a vegan lifestyle, how farmed animal sanctuaries connect people with animals


Episode 5: The World Peace Diet

Kathy interviews Dr. Will Tuttle about his book and movement, The World Peace Diet


Episode 6: Camille Licate and Bree The Rooster

Kathy interviews Camille Licate (human) and her companion Bree (rooster) about how life brought them together and the work they do to open hearts and minds

Episode 7: The Save Movement

Kathy interviews Anita Krajnc about her Save Movement, which began with Toronto Pig Save, modeled after successful social change movements led by Gandhi and King.

Episode 8: Compassionate Cuisine

Kathy welcomes the Sanctuary’s Culinary Director, Linda Soper-Kolton, to talk about the new cookbook, Compassionate Cuisine: 125 Plant-Based Recipes From Our Vegan Kitchen, plus all the common questions about vegan eating.

Episode 9: Jane Velez-Mitchell: Citizen Journalism and the Countdown to Year Zero

Kathy and Jane discuss Jane’s vegan journey, her early years as a mainstream journalist, and her decision to launch her “citizen journalism” media channel which covers animal rights developments ignored by mainstream media.


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