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Want to bring something extra special to your work conferences, family get-togethers, happy-hours? We’ll pop in with a Sanctuary resident, like Poppy the goat, Samira the chicken, or Lola the duck to brighten your day!


We offer both public and private virtual sanctuary visits. You can catch the public Virtual Sanctuary visits on the Catskill Animal Sanctuary YouTube page – subscribe to our channel and sign up for notifications so you don’t miss it when we go live!

Private Virtual Visits

Private Virtual Sanctuary broadcasts are a great opportunity for educators to take their students on a virtual field trip while teaching remotely. We offer programs on a variety of topics focusing on the individual animals and species who we rescue, as well as related environmental issues like pollution and climate change. 

The programs are adjusted to be age-appropriate for your group and will allow your learners to interact with our educator, ask and answer questions, and see how the animals behave at the Sanctuary. And, the sessions are aligned with New York State educational Standards in English-Language Arts and Next Generation Science Standards.

Private visits may also be scheduled for non-school groups who would like to stay personally connected to Catskill Animal Sanctuary. Everyone is welcome!

What are teachers and students saying about Virtual Field Trips?

  • “I feel like distance learning is fun with Ms. Lauren. I like to see the animals and hear their back stories.” – 3rd grade student
  • “Our program coordinator, Lauren, makes a big difference in my students. I doubt she realizes how much she is doing so. Smiling, hugging animals, talking about the animals like they are people with personalities and histories is so new to the children. They don’t experience most animals in this way…It is my hope that my students will remember Lauren’s little acts of love and carry those feelings with them as they grow older and make more decisions about our environment.” – 3rd grade teacher
  • “The students loved the fact that they were able to guide the sessions in a way and ask questions on what they were interested in instead of just being told information.” – elementary teacher


About The Virtual Sanctuary Program

Get up close with rescued farmed animals; hear their compelling backstories told by entertaining, knowledgeable Sanctuary staff:

Lauren Barbieri, Youth Programs Manager

Kaden Maguire, Tour Programs Manager

Learn vegan cooking tips and master delicious recipes, taught by the Sanctuary’s cookbook author and award-winning Culinary Director, Linda Soper-Kolton

Explore the Sanctuary (and break all the rules!) with the Sanctuary’s Founder, Executive Director, and podcast host: Kathy Stevens!

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