Would you like to bring a speaker to your group, organization, or school? We have two memorable options.

The Ethical Choices Program

Through our partnership with the Ethical Choices Program, a humane educator can come to your group for FREE. And don't worry if you're not in New York. Speakers are available in many states around the country! Learn how you can arrange a free speaker to come to you.

Kathy Stevens

Catskill Animal Sanctuary's Founder and Executive Director, Kathy Stevens, would love to meet your group! Her inspirational talks, designed to meet the needs and interests of your group, address a variety of issues related to farm animals:

  • animal intelligence and emotions
  • the impact of agribusiness on animals, human health, and the planet
  • running a successful sanctuary
  • animals as teachers

Kathy's speaking fee varies depending on travel time, the amount of preparation required for the presentation, and your budget.

To book Kathy to speak please email us.

You can follow Kathy Steven's stories and photos on her Facebook page.

Videos of Kathy Speaking

Suggested Topics

Below is a selection of presentations available for your event, school, or organization. Additional talks are available and can be customized.

Veganism 101

When we consume meat and dairy, everyone suffers: our personal health suffers tremendously due to our ingestion of high-fat, cholesterol-laden foods filled with bacteria, chemicals, and other toxins. The Earth, because it takes 15 times the amount of resources to feed a single meat-eater as it does to feed a vegan, suffers. And hundreds of billions of animals suffer, horribly, from birth to death, every year. Be enlightened, inspired, and encouraged to begin your journey toward improved health and compassion for all beings.

What Animals Teach Us, and Why It Matters: Life-Altering Lessons from Farmed Animals

In this provocative, humorous, and heartfelt presentation, Stevens reviews the latest research on the health and environmental benefits of a plant-based diet, but segues into an intimate look at her animal friends for the heart of her talk. Come be inspired by the animals to continue your vegan journey and to encourage others to do the same. Stevens presents surprising scientific research about farmed animals, intimate portraits of sanctuary animals like The Great Sheep Rambo, and the life-altering lessons they’ve offered to humans lucky enough to know them.

Bird Brain? Not a Chance! Surprising Truths About the World’s Most Abused Animal

There is a consensus among animal advocates that chickens are the most abused species in the world. Kathy believes that we tolerate industry’s barbarism toward them in part because we view birds as “lesser” than mammals. Come talk turkey with a true fowl fan!! First, Kathy takes us deep inside the “broiler” and egg industries. Then, by sharing recent scientific findings and loads of anecdotal evidence from Catskill Animal Sanctuary, shows us surprising, delightful truths about our beleaguered feathered friends that put the lie to the term “bird brain” and further strengthen our resolve to leave them off our plates.

Vegan by 2050

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice,” said Dr. Martin Luther King, paraphrasing a quote by abolitionist and transcendentalist Theodore Parker. King also said, “No lie can live forever.” Agribusiness has been exposed; the health and environmental benefits of veganism are becoming widely known, and a recent study reveals that when just ten percent of a population holds an unshakable belief, that belief “catches on like wildfire.” Be inspired by the evidence behind Kathy’s bold prediction that America will be vegan by 2050, and join us for a lively discussion.

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