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Rita Rafferty

Rita Rafferty, Animal Caregiver, is a Bronx Native who, as a child, enjoyed visiting her grandparents’ summer house in the Catskills. It was there they instilled in her a great love for the mountains, the woods, and all that wandered the Earth. Through her grandparents’ reverence for animals she learned about
compassion, patience, connection, and respect. As an adult, Rita spent an abundant amount of
time volunteering with animals as it was her passion, even receiving The Presidents Volunteer
Service Award for her efforts. After building a successful career in hospitality in various parts of
the U.S., she decided to pursue her passion for animal advocacy full-time and felt there was no
place more appropriate to start this journey then the Catskills, the place where it all began, and
no team better to take this journey with than the team at CAS.