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Global Solidarity On Earth Day: Individual Decisions. Global Impact.

Today is the 50th Annual Celebration of Earth Day, when we acknowledge that our fate is entwined with the planet’s — and with each other. Now more than ever, we see firsthand that our individual decisions have a global impact.

We hope you’ll tune in for our LIVE Earth Day events:
1:00pm Join Kaden as they broadcast a special Earth Day message from all of us at the Sanctuary. They’ll visit with the cows and talk about the environmental impact of animal agriculture — and the incredible difference individual actions can make. In this time of global solidarity, where we are all reliant upon one another to stop the spread of disease and protect one another, we’ll talk about why selecting a veggie burger should come as naturally to us as donning gloves and a facemask when we go out in public.

4:00pm Chef Linda will go live on our Compassionate Cuisine Instagram with a delicious, planet-friendly burger recipe! Vegan choices are easier than ever when you’ve got Chef Linda teaching you her best kitchen tips and tricks.

From all of us at the Sanctuary, we hope that your Earth Day celebration is filled with beauty and meaning.

Thank you for joining us, supporting us, and for being part of our  global Herd.

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