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At just under a year old, sweet Darwin is the youngest cow at the Sanctuary.

Darwin was born on a dairy farm and taken in by a family as a companion for their daughter. She lived in a field with horses, but cried out for the companionship of her own kind. The family explored their options: Darwin could go back to the dairy farm, to a nearby beef farm, or to Catskill Animal Sanctuary. The final decision was left up to this young girl, only fifteen, who had named Darwin and who loved her deeply. She learned what the outcome would be for Darwin on the beef farm and at the dairy. And when she visited us, she saw what Darwin’s life could look like, not just for a little while, but for all of her days.
She chose Sanctuary. And we couldn’t say no to offering Darwin a safe haven for life. As we mark our 20th year of rescue, she will become part of the next generation of beloved, heart-opening beings who call the Sanctuary “home.”