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Catskill Animal Sanctuary

Go behind the scenes at the Sanctuary with the latest news on our world-changing programs, exciting events, tales of rescue, and stories of what Sanctuary life is really like. View all of our events, programs, and fun at a glance so you can plan a Sanctuary visit that’s perfect for you!

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Ask Chef Linda: Labels on egg cartons

Dear Chef Linda, Thanks for your wonderful recipes however, we still do eat eggs; they are free-range, organically raised, and vegetarian…


Visit The Sanctuary On Member Tour Days!

We miss our visitors so much! We can't completely reopen to the public but we are so excited to announce…


Petunia’s Pledge: Continue Your Journey Of Compassion

On World Vegetarian Day (October 1st), we celebrate vegetarians and veg-curious folks like YOU — Let's take the next step together!…


Be A Champion For Animals At The 2020 Goat Games!

Even with no Olympics this year, you can take gold and be a champion for rescued animals at the first…

All Beings Considered

News From Kathy Stevens, the Founder

All Beings Considered is Founder Kathy Stevens’ blog and podcast! Tune in as Kathy moves from intimate stories of the animals we know and love one week, to a more global perspective on veganism the next. Want to know what it’s like to run a sanctuary? Check. Want to learn from internationally-known leaders in animal welfare, animal rights, climate science, and vegan nutrition? Check. In other words, All Beings Considered spans all the reasons veganism matters, delivering fresh, timely content to support you and your desire to change the world one heart, mind, and bite at a time.

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Petunia’s Pledge: Continuing Your Journey

Like so many of you, I was raised in a meat and potatoes family. Breakfast was often eggs with bacon…


Standing Up Through Coronavirus: Love Spoken Here

As all but our intrepid animal care team works from home, we’re doing our best to support each other, our…


Getting Back To Work: A Review of 2019 + A Resolution To Keep Going

When both Forbes and The Economist boldly dubbed 2019 the Year of the Vegan, the bar was set high: could…


Onward, Friends, for All of Us: Reflections on World Vegan Day

Is your glass half empty or half full? As worldwide consumption of animals increases and climate chaos accelerates, have you…

Add Love + Stir

Compassionate Cuisine

Add Love + Stir is your source for inspiration and support for plant-based eating. Whether you want to eat less meat, go vegan, or add more fun to your vegan journey, our professionally trained vegan chefs have it covered! Here you’ll discover hundreds of recipes for everyday eating, social occasions, and special diets. Want healthy eating tips and kitchen techniques to take the stress out of cooking? We can help with that, too! Dig in!

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Chocolate Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cupcakes

Try Chef Linda's scrumptious, chocolate peanut butter vegan cupcakes for a real treat. No special equipment and no eggs or…


Tempeh Cutlet Hoagies with Sriracha Brussels Sprouts Slaw

This is the perfect sandwich for any time of year. So simple to make, it's also full of different textures,…


Fiesta Nacho Pancakes

Turn your breakfast pancakes into something new and enjoy them for lunch or dinner. Simple nacho ingredients like veggies, beans,…


Coconut Lime Hearts of Palm Fillets

Chef Linda's recipe for Coconut Lime Hearts of Palm Fillets simmered in luscious coconut milk and ginger is perfect for…