Anna Lietman

Anna Lietman, Animal Caregiver, stopped eating fish after watching Finding Nemo at the age of four, and shortly thereafter became a vegetarian. She interned at the Sanctuary in 2017 and simply just kept coming back, having always viewed CAS as a refuge for both people and animals.

Annie Motter

Healthcare Manager Annie has been putting her love of animals into practice since becoming a vegetarian at the age of 5. Her final step towards veganism was inevitable when she started as an intern at CAS in 2016. From intern to animal caregiver to healthcare manager, Annie always seems to find herself drawn back to the incredible people, animals, and message that CAS represents. The welfare of humans, animals, and the planet we share is inextricably linked -- Annie is excited to help work towards a future where all three are equally important.

Colleen Schropfer

Colleen Challenger Schropfer, Deputy Director, found her true calling when she started rescuing cats at age seven. Little did she know, she could actually save animals as an occupation! Colleen is back on the farm again, but now for completely different reasons, as she works to guide the Sanctuary into its next phase of growth — to be able to rescue even more animals and help even more people on their journey toward veganism. Colleen’s favorite time of the day is when the little horse Flea comes to her office window and whinnies so loud she can hear it through the glass.

Crystal Green

Crystal Green, Animal Caregiver, started as a volunteer with the Sanctuary in 2015, before she joined the team full time. It wasn't long before her experiences and connections at the Sanctuary inspired her to become vegan.

Dani Auretto

Dani Auretto, Director of Sanctuary Operations, spent most Saturdays for 2.5 years mucking stalls as a volunteer in animal care before joining staff full time. Dani began her career in fundraising at a university before moving to corporate for 16 years in procurement. She is excited to be back in non-profit supporting a mission she strongly believes. Dani lives in Woodstock with her wife, Tracy, and two dogs, Eleanor and Holli.

Eileen Caron

Eileen Caron, Bookkeeper, admits her day-to-day tasks can be tedious, but knowing every penny saved helps our beautiful residents makes those tasks rewarding — not to mention the joy she feels viewing the horses and free-range goats and pigs outside her window.

Heather Decker

Heather Decker went vegan after nine years of vegetarianism upon learning the truth about Animal Agriculture at a farm sanctuary in 2016. Heather, a vocal advocate for animals and body positivity, is thrilled to be doing fulfilling, life-saving work at one of her favorite places on Earth.

Jacqueline Lieske

Jacqueline Lieske, Donor Relations Manager, is a lifelong animal lover who committed to veganism in 2008. Since that decision, she has worked for organizations that spark her core values of compassion, justice, service, and love. Equally passionate about stories and learning, she greets all sentient beings as wise teachers.

Kaden Maguire

Kaden Maguire, Tour Programs Manager, started as an intern at the Sanctuary and couldn’t bear to leave. Now, they spend their days helping visitors fall in love with chickens and cows — though, admittedly, the rescued animals do most of the work.

Kathy Stevens

Kathy Stevens, Founder, views the Sanctuary as the embodiment of her two greatest passions: animals and teaching. While Kathy speaks, writes and raises money in support of our work, her greatest joy is in connecting good-hearted people with the animals we love, then stepping back to watch as the animals work their magic and change human lives. Her second greatest joy? Kissing pigs.

Lauren Barbieri

Lauren Barbieri, Youth Programs Manager, first visited the Sanctuary in July 2015. This was also the first time she was able to connect with turkeys, goats, cows and other animals; this transformative experience led her to veganism and, in February 2017, to join the team. Today, with the goal of creating a kinder world for all beings, Lauren helps kids of all ages tap into their innate senses of compassion, fairness and justice.

Lesley Johnson

Working at Catskill Animal Sanctuary is a dream come true for Lesley, who enjoys using her writing and research skills to help the most exploited animals on our planet. She is deeply passionate about this cause, as well as rescuing and caring for cats, and folding animal care laundry with a precision that has earned her the awe and admiration of her colleagues. Lesley's favorite Sanctuary resident to introduce to visitors is Bruce the Duck, who rivals any seasoned lap cat with the duration of his lap-time visits.

Lexi Anderson

Lexi Anderson, Animal Caregiver, felt a strong connection with animals ever since she could remember as a little girl. As she grew older that strong connection inspired her to do something to help animals. She started out by taking care of smaller companion animals and over time that progressed into caring for bigger farm animals. Being vegan for 6 years has been her contribute to helping save animals lives. She is grateful for being able to care for recused animals and provide them with the love they deserve. Her dream is to own a wild animal sanctuary one day.

Linda Soper-Kolton

Linda Soper-Kolton, Chef, came to the Sanctuary as a guest chef to share her love of compassionate cooking in our then-fledgling culinary program. Lured by the magic of the Sanctuary, her love of animals and the urgency of our mission, Linda stayed on to lead and grow the culinary program, inspiring and educating with love, patience, and delicious food.

Matthew Rap

Matthew Rap, Animal Care Coordinator, manages our annex, caring for the 100 cows, goats, sheep, horses and chickens who live there. He's been vegan for seven years and part of the Sanctuary team since 2015, deciding he wanted nothing more than to work full-time directly for and with animals.

Michelle Alvarez

Michelle Alvarez, Director of Outreach and Special Events, was born and raised in New York City and never dreamed she'd work at a farmed animal sanctuary. Then, in 2009, she kissed a pig and hugged a cow for the first time and realized that her life's true calling is to help create a kinder and gentler world for all sentient beings; she’s been at the Sanctuary since that fateful day. Michelle and her partner are the proud parents of four rescued cats.

Michelle Hodge

Michelle Hodge, Homestead Manager, has been an animal lover since early childhood and vegan for nearly two decades. Michelle believes that being true to yourself and living your best life, while sharing with others, connects us to each other in a compassionate, meaningful way. For Michelle, there's nothing more rewarding than meeting fellow animal lovers, sharing stories with guests from all over the world, and connecting with folks as everyone enjoys a home cooked vegan meal. She brings this energy to our Homestead each day and welcomes every guest with compassion and kindness.

Natalie Zisa

Natalie Zisa, Donor Engagement Assistant, has been an animal advocate her entire life. The animals at the Sanctuary never cease to amaze her. They have taught her patience, unconditional love, and compassion. Natalie feels so lucky to be living out her dream of helping animals, and even more grateful to have crossed paths with the amazing staff, volunteers, and residents at the Sanctuary. 

Rich Bollin

Rich Bollin, Buildings and Grounds Manager, hears his name on the radio about 150 times a day — “Rich, can you fix this door?” “Rich, the truck won't start!” “Rich, how soon can you build a barn!?” The man who can fix nearly anything especially enjoys the antics of Russell, the free-ranging pot-belly pig who races to the outer edge of the Sanctuary every morning to raid the compost pile. Rich also holds a special place in his heart for Leo, our special-needs goat, and always stops to give Leo some snuggles.

Stephanie Cooperman

Stephanie Cooperman, Finance & Business Manager, first visited the Sanctuary in 2019 after becoming vegan in 2016, and instantly fell in love with the mission, educational programming, and of course, all the residents of CAS. After spending 9 years working in accounting & finance for large corporations, Stephanie is excited to be following her dream of working for an organization aimed at ending the exploitation of farmed animals.

Veronica Finnegan

Veronica Finnegan, Communications Manager, has written the word "vegan" so many times that her phone now autocorrects "began" to "vegan." She became a vegetarian in 2001 and has been vegan since 2015. Veronica believes that compassionate communication can save the world. When not at the Sanctuary, she shares free vegan meals in Newburgh with Food Not Bombs, escorts patients at Planned Parenthood, and serves on the PPGNY Mid-Hudson Valley Advocacy Collective.
The Board 

Kathy Stevens

Kathy Stevens, President In 2001, after turning down an offer to lead a new charter high school, Kathy Stevens co-founded Catskill Animal Sanctuary, where her love of teaching, her belief that education has the power to transform, and her love of animals come together. One of the world’s leading sanctuaries for farmed animals, Catskill has saved more than 5,000 non-human individuals through direct rescue — and exponentially more through programming that encourages humans to adopt veganism. Kathy is the author of Where the Blind Horse Sings and Animal Camp, two critically and popularly acclaimed books about the work of Catskill Animal Sanctuary; she’s also a contributor to books, podcasts and articles on animal sentience, animal rights and veganism. Kathy takes her message of kindness to all beings to conferences and colleges across the U.S. and Canada and looks forward to transitioning from her Executive Director role to full-time “vision keeping,” speaking and writing in support of the Sanctuary’s urgent mission. On weekends, you’ll often find her on the grounds, either tagging along on tours or kissing pigs.

Judith Turkel

Judith Turkel, Board Chair Judith is a partner in the Manhattan law firm Turkel Forman LLP. For more than 30 years Judith has combined her professional knowledge and personal dedication to social justice and change to assist non-profit organizations, serving in leadership positions with Lesbian and Gay Bar Association of New York; Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund; LGBT Community Center; and SAGE: Advocacy and Services for GLBT Elders. In her animal rights and animal protection work, after many years as a supporter of Catskill Animal Sanctuary, Judith joined the board in 2016.  Judith is a lifelong animal lover and advocates for those without a voice. She passionately believes that being part of a movement to change how we think about animals, and helping to provide the tools for people to learn that what we eat matters for the animals, for our health and for the planet, is profoundly important. Judith is also a board member of The Animal Defense Partnership and serves as a Strategic Advisor to clients of ADP. ADP provides pro bono legal services to nonprofits that advocate for animals and run sanctuaries and rescues. Judith and her partner Jennifer Costley, live in Manhattan and the Hudson Valley with their Cairn terrier Maisie Louise and newest family member, rescue Wheaten terrier, Annabelle Rose.

Carol Meyer

Carol Meyer, Treasurer Carol Meyer is a retired Managing Partner of the global technology company Accenture, working for most of her career with Wall Street clients. She also managed Accenture’s global Human Resources and Investor Relations departments. Carol has been a Member of the Board of Catskill Animal Sanctuary for 11 years, serving as Chair, Secretary and, currently, Treasurer. She and her husband Steve sponsor two Sanctuary residents: Tucker the cow; and Hermoine the goat. Carol also supports a variety of other efforts related to animal rescue and ending animal cruelty; she has performed field work with the Humane Society of the United States with the wild horse population in Vieques, Puerto Rico, and established a local scholarship for young girls to provide them the opportunity to learn natural horsemanship. Carol, Steve and their family of horses, rescued cats and labrador retrievers divide their time among their farm in the Hudson Valley, Cape Cod and South Florida.

Angelica Crisi

Angelica Crisi, Secretary Angelica Crisi has 17 years of professional experience. She is a Partner at Coston Consulting LLC, advising on marketing, client development and communications in the corporate, legal and nonprofit sectors. Previously, she served as Head of Marketing for Labaton Sucharow LLP, a nationally ranked plaintiffs’ firm that has recovered more than $12 billion on behalf of defrauded investors and consumers. She also co-founded a design company that launched a line of lifestyle products, some of which appeared on TLC Network and were sold in Rockefeller Plaza, Caesars Palace, and Universal Studios stores. During her six-year tenure, she counseled on business operations, marketing, public relations and customer development. In addition to acting as Secretary of the Board of Catskill Animal Sanctuary, Angelica serves on the Board of Positive Tails, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting animal abuse, helping reduce the overpopulation of dogs and cats, and providing support to people who cannot afford veterinary emergency or illness care for their companion animals. Angelica received a BA from Bucknell University and an MBA from Baruch College. She also received a certificate in architectural design from Harvard University’s extension school. Angelica and her partner Nicole live in Brooklyn with their two dogs Gracie and Luca.

Caren Fleit

Caren Fleit, Board Member Caren Fleit is a Managing Director at Korn Ferry, a leading talent-management organization. She leads the firm's Global Marketing Officers Practice, serves as a core member of the Global Consumer/Retail and Digital Practices, and advises clients at the executive and Board of Director level on aligning their personnel and business strategies during periods of growth and/or transformation. Prior to joining Korn Ferry, Caren spent 20 years in leadership roles in the U.S. and abroad with several global enterprises, including two Fortune 500 companies. She earned an MBA from INSEAD in France and a BA from Johns Hopkins; she’s also a graduate of Columbia University’s Coaching Certification Program. In addition to her work with Catskill Animal Sanctuary, Caren serves on the Boards of the Humane Society of the United States and Animal Care Centers of NYC.

Susan Kan

Susan Kan, Board Member Susan Kan believes the vegan movement is a solution to the worldwide health, hunger, climate and cruelty crises. She is adept at fretting about global problems while on long-distance swims, short-distance runs and walks in the woods with her dog, River. Susan was Founder and Director of Perugia Press, a national nonprofit, independent literary press. Prior to starting the press in 1997, she earned her MFA in creative writing from the Warren Wilson Program for Writers. Since leaving the press in good hands in 2016, she has spent her time on creative and volunteer projects, travel, adventure, and reading. Susan lives with her partner, Lynne, in Northampton, Mass.

Jenna Trescott

Jenna Trescott, Board Member Jenna Trescott is a management consultant, leading Accenture’s North America Strategy & Sustainability work in the consumer goods, retail and food industries. She advises a range of companies and nonprofits on their strategies and operations, with a focus on integrating sustainable approaches. Jenna is passionate about plant-based innovation and has authored papers on industry competitiveness, sustainable business and the future of food. She is an advocate for compassionate living, a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, and has been involved with animal care and rescue for most of her life. She graduated from Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and holds an MBA from Cornell's SC Johnson Business School. Jenna lives in the Hudson Valley with her husband and two rescue dogs.

Jason Power

Jason Power, Board Member  Jason Power is an investment analyst at Moab Partners, a hedge fund based in New York City. He has worked for over a decade in the finance industry and has experience working for investment banks, venture capital funds, and hedge funds. He earned a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in 2008 from Vanderbilt University, majoring in economics. Also, Jason is a CFA® charterholder.   Jason lives in Williamsburg and has been vegan for 5 years. In addition to serving on the board of Catskill, he is a frequent volunteer for several other organizations focused on vegan education and animal rights activism