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Everywhere YOU Are — CAS:Live!

While we won’t see any of you in person for a while, we’re excited to bring the magic of Catskill Animal Sanctuary straight to your home. Join us for Virtual Sanctuary broadcasts every Tuesday & Thursday at 1:00PM (EST) on Facebook Live.

Want more of Michael Turkey’s mischief updates, “nose boops” from the sheep, or up close goat shenanigans? Book a CAS:Live for your video calls! We offer species lessons, Breakin’ the Rules with Kathy, cooking demos, and so much more! 


Blog: Love Spoken Here

Catskill Animal Sanctuary

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We Miss You!

We know you’re as eager as ever to visit the animals! We certainly hope to see you in the coming months, and will post our opening date as soon as we have one. We’re deeply grateful for your continuing support…and we miss you all! Stay safe!
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Blog: Add Love + Stir

Compassionate Cuisine

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Get Ready to Add Love & Stir! Compassionate Cuisine is Online!

Our award-winning Chef Linda is cooking up an array of guided virtual cooking classes that will inspire you to enjoy all that vegan cooking has to offer. Public, private, or group/corporate classes are the perfect way to dive into the delicious world of plant-based cooking while spending more time at home. Classes cover a wide variety of topics, from making awesome vegan cheeses, decadent desserts, vegan “101”, creative entertaining, and everything in between. You’ll receive all the recipes along with generous helpings of vegan, culinary, and wellness information and the video recording of the class too!

Email Chef Linda To Sign Up!

Blog: All Beings Considered

By Kathy Stevens, Founder

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All Beings Considered, Kathy's Weekly Podcast!

Welcome to All Beings Considered, where our founder Kathy Stevens’ wide-ranging guest list includes everyone from leading animal advocates like PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk and Mercy for Animals president Leah Garces, to folks who run sanctuaries or share their homes with roosters, to vegan chefs and cardiologists! Whether you’re listening to an undercover investigator describe his experiences in a pig slaughterhouse, Kathy share life-altering lessons from a sheep named Rambo, or a doctor discussing how plant-based living will improve your health, you’ll be hooked. Tune in every Wednesday; you won’t want to miss it!