Twenty Years Of Love Spoken Here

Thousands of animals saved through emergency rescue.
Countless hearts opened through game-changing programming.
Welcome to Catskill Animal Sanctuary.

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Hosted by Kathy Stevens, author, speaker and founder, our podcast, Herd Around the Barn unpacks three main reasons to go vegan: minimizing animal suffering, improving our personal health, and reducing our environmental impact. The podcast intersperses conversations with game- changing thought leaders, activists, plant-based chefs and others with intimate animal moments.

The podcast launched on May 26th and has already received acclaim from VegWorld.

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Blog: Love Spoken Here

Catskill Animal Sanctuary

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Who Will Be The G.O.A.T.?

Join us for the 2nd Annual Goat Games — hosted by Catskill Animal Sanctuary and the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries. The Goat Games is YOUR chance to help rescued farmed animals across the country — hiking, swimming, biking, kayaking, or even binge-watching Netflix counts!

This year we are partnering with NINE other GFAS Certified farmed animal sanctuaries across the country to increase awareness and FUN! Simply pick a sanctuary, sign up for their team, grab your friends and get ready to be a CHAMPION for animals!

You can carry the torch for farmed animals! Share The Goat Games with everyone you know!

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Blog: Add Love + Stir

Compassionate Cuisine

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Get Ready to Add Love & Stir!

Join award-winning Chef Linda and dig into the delicious world of plant-based cooking — recently featured on!

  • Online Cooking Classes: With adorable animal cameos & recipe booklets
  • Private Instruction: One-on-one, corporate events & more!
  • Recipes & Resources: Vegan secrets from decades of experience
  • The Acclaimed Cookbook: Awesome vegan cheeses to decadent desserts–and everything in between.

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Blog: Herd Around The Barn

By Kathy Stevens, Founder

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Herd Around The Barn: The Podcast - Sanctuary Thoughts & Musings Hosted By Kathy Stevens

Welcome to Herd Around The Barn, our founder Kathy Steven’s weekly podcast examining farmed animals, our relationships with them, and the impact of that relationship on all of us — the animals, humans, and the planet we share. Tune in wherever you get your podcasts, for stories of the animals we know and love, and interviews with ‘regular’ people, Sanctuary folks and international leaders in animal rights, human health and climate science — all united in our vision of a world free from suffering.
Kathy’s passion, fortitude, dedication, and voracious “I LOVE YOU, COW” shouts have guided the Sanctuary all through 20 years of rescue, education, and love. Kathy has been a beacon of hope in an ever-changing landscape: whether she’s riding in the back of a hay truck, teaching about the link between animal agriculture and our rapidly warming planet, or sneaking giant steer Tucker a banana (or three), she is the heart of our organization. She is the author of multiple books and is a sought-after speaker on vegan issues. Kathy is the 2020 recipient of Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries’ Carole Noon award, and was named Best Environmental Advocate 2021 by The Chronogram.

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