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Erin Murphy

Don’t Give Chicks or Bunnies as Easter Gifts

April 1, 2015 | Categories: Sponsor

By Erin Murphy, Animal Care Staff

Spring is a season of daffodils, baby birds, and green returning everywhere. It is also a season of unnecessary tragedy for thousands of chicks and bunnies. Each year chicks and bunnies are sold as Easter gifts. These fuzzy and furry babies are too often discarded after they grow up and their novelty has worn off. The majority are left abandoned to fend for themselves and do not survive or are brought to shelters where they are often killed. The fortunate few end up at sanctuaries like Catskill Animal Sanctuary. If we want a world where all living beings are respected then […]

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The sanctuary opens for weekend tours starting on Saturday, April 4, but did you know that members can schedule a tour anytime during the year? It’s true! All you have to do is contact our Programs Manager Kelly Mullins. If you’re not sure a tour is for you, then read Kelly’s perspective on being a guide: Guiding a group of visitors on a tour of Catskill Animal Sanctuary is like walking on sacred ground while being given the precious opportunity to open people’s minds and hearts to the beloved beings who call this sanctuary home. It’s not a job but […]

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Kathy Keefe

The Price of Love

March 25, 2015 | Categories: Animals,Life at CAS

By Kathy Keefe, Director of Sanctuary Operations

People often ask me what the hardest part of my job is and are surprised that I do not say dealing with death. (The hardest part is having to say no to animals in need of placement when we lack the capacity to accept them.) As a place that rescues and takes in abused, neglected, or otherwise compromised farm animals, we see a lot of death. Making decisions regarding end of life is one of the most important things we do … and we don’t take it lightly. The decision is about the quality of life, the release from pain, […]

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Michelle Alvarez

Time for Spring Cleaning!

March 16, 2015 | Categories: Volunteer

By Michelle Alvarez, Outreach Manager

Update: Thanks so much for your interest in volunteering on April 18! Unfortunately, this particular volunteer day is limited to 32 people given the limited number of tools, equipment and staff we have to supervise, and so the spots are reserved for folks on the NYC bus. You’re welcome to register for the wait list for free and we’ll notify you a few days in advance if a seat opens up. And we invite you to drive up on your own for a weekend tour and to stay overnight at the Homestead, our guest house at the sanctuary. Also, there will be additional volunteer […]

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