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Come Fall in Love!

We’re currently closed for the public tours season, but we will be back for public tours on April 4th, 2020! On those weekends between April and November, we invite you to meet deeply affectionate, remarkably individual farm animals, sample vegan food, and learn how your everyday choices can change the world.

In the meantime, group and member tours are offered all year long!

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Blog: Love Spoken Here

Catskill Animal Sanctuary

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Our Herd Is Always Stronger Together

Snow’s on the ground and kindness abounds at Catskill Animal Sanctuary!

Public tours are done for the year— see you in Spring 2020! We still have Member tours by appointment plus “off season” events, animal updates, and podcast episodes so you don’t miss a thing.

Blog: All Beings Considered

By Kathy Stevens, Founder

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All Beings Considered, Kathy's Weekly Podcast!

All Beings Considered, our founder Kathy Steven’s weekly podcast examines farmed animals, our relationships with them, and the impact of that relationship on all of us — the animals, humans, and the planet we share. Tune in every Wednesday, wherever you get your podcasts, for stories of the animals we know and love, and interviews with ‘regular’ people, Sanctuary folks and international leaders in animal rights, human health and climate science — all united in our vision of a world free from suffering. Laugh, learn, and be the change, with Kathy as your guide.