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Erin Murphy

The Luckiest Ducks

July 3, 2015 | Categories: General

By Erin Murphy, Animal Care Staff

Sponsor a duck in July and you’ll receive a FREE copy of “Suffering Eyes” by Franceen Neufeld as our thank you! Many visitors to the Sanctuary are surprised to learn that ducks love to play, give snuggles, and can be quite sociable with people.   One of the residents who is most excited to make new friends is Bruce who found sanctuary in 2013. He had been living with an elderly woman in Brooklyn after he was rescued from a local slaughterhouse. Unfortunately, it was too late to stop them from cutting his beak, a standard farming practice to keep ducks from […]

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Jenn Mackey

Farewell, Cheeky

July 2, 2015 | Categories: Animals

By Jenn Mackey, Animal Care Coordinator

In recent years I have had a few chickens become such an important part of my life. Hank, my rooster; Miracle, a small chick; and my beautiful Cheeky chicken. Cheeky was supposed to be killed along with thousands of other hens. This is standard practice after their bodies give out from laying far more eggs than is natural. Instead, she was spared this fate and traveled from California to New York in a plane with 1,150 other rescued hens to various sanctuaries on the east coast. Catskill Animal Sanctuary welcomed 200 of the ladies to their new home. Once they arrived […]

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Thomas Negron

We’ve Had a Pigxplosion

June 26, 2015 | Categories: General

By Thomas Negron, Communications Manager

If you’ve visited the Sanctuary in the last few weeks then you’ve seen an explosion of cuteness. Or more accurately, a pigxplosion. It started with a call from PETA. They were working with a couple in Virginia whose farm had reached hoarding-level conditions. The owners had bought two pigs to breed with the intention of selling their offspring for meat. Instead they fell in love with the piglets. Unlike many hoarding situations we encounter, these owners realized that things had gotten way out of hand and that they needed help. That’s when PETA got involved and asked if we could give eleven — eleven! — […]

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You may have seen the story about a truck overturning in Ohio while carrying 2,200 pigs. The death toll is up to half of them. The terrible truth is that the death toll will be all of them. They were intended for slaughter and after a brief respite the survivors were packed up and sent on the rest of the journey. Aside from the accident, stuffing a truck full of pigs is an everyday occurrence. But what jumped out at us is the reporting. USA Today, one of the nation’s largest newspapers, simultaneously reported that “hundreds of the animals did not survive […]

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