Youth Resource Guide

Learn about Health

School Food

How’s your school’s cafeteria food? The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has information on why cafeteria food matters, and how you can make sure you have healthy options.

Nutrition for Kids

How’s your eating? The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has tons of information about nutrition. Plus, there’s great pictures – which you could make, too!

Vegan and Vegetarian Kids and Teens Page

The Vegetarian Resource Group has games, books, videos, contests and FAQs for vegan and vegetarian kids, teens and parents.

Learn about the Environment

The Footprint Calculator

Have you heard of an environmental footprint? It tells you the impact that your actions have on the environment. Find out the size of yours, and how you can help reduce it!

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic has tons of information about the environment, created to educate, inspire and empower young people.

Climate Kids

NASA studies much more than space! Their Climate Kids site offers a lot on the Earth’s climate and the impact of climate change.

They don’t have much information on animal farming and its impact on the environment, though. Why do you think?

Start an Animal-Friendly Movie Night

Check out the sneaky animal-rights messaging hidden in these popular movies:

  1. Finding Nemo; and Finding Dory — fish are friends, not food!
  2. Chicken Run — can the chickens escape the pie machine before it’s too late?
  3. Babe — the classic story of a very, very clever pig.
  4. The Bee Movie — even the smallest animals deserve our consideration.

We bet you can find more, too. If you do, email us, and we’ll add your movie to the list!