What a world it would be if each of us saw as children and animals see.

When our founder Kathy was a child, she had the great privilege of growing up among animals. As she puts it, “It’s fair to say that who I am today was strongly influenced by relationships not only with dogs, but also with Ludwell the pony, Linda the donkey, Babette the sheep, and with precious Noodles, a beloved goat whom I snuck into the house whenever I could.” Kathy had human friends, of course, but her friendships with animals were pure, complete, and transcendent.

At Catskill Animal Sanctuary, we all love animals, and we love kids — and we know that many of your youngsters love animals just as much as little Kathy. We also know how tragically few opportunities there are for children today to connect meaningfully with animals other than dogs and cats, like cows and sheep and goats and chickens.

At the Sanctuary, we’ve watched the transformational power of the special moments when children and our rescued residents connect, and we’re now offering even more opportunities for your open-hearted child and our open-hearted animals to grow together in ways that might just help change the world.

Love is spoken here. Come see for yourself.

The Sanctuary and Your School

Our on-site school programs are offered by passionate, engaging educators, but the highlight of our customized programs is always the animals. If a Sanctuary visit isn’t possible, we’ll come to your school.

Fun and Educational Tools Just for Kids

From animals to the environment and from healthy eating to advocating for causes you care about, we provide the support and resources designed for kids to learn while having fun.