One to change a few. A few to change many. Many to change the world. It all starts with one.” – Anonymous

Living vegan is the number-one way to help animals, heal the planet, and improve your health.

Vegan living means:

  • Respecting non-human animals and recognizing that they have a right to live their lives on their own terms free from violence and oppression by humans.
  • Making choices that do not harm or exploit other species such as eating an animal-free diet; purchasing clothing, cosmetics and other products not made from other animals; and supporting activities that promote the well-being of non-human animals and the health of our planet

Helping Animals

While most of us say we oppose animal cruelty, not everyone lives life according to these values. When we eat the flesh, milk or eggs of non-human animals, wear their skin, fur or hair, or use products that were tested on other species, we subject them to cruelty, a life of suffering, and a horrible death. By living vegan, you’re contributing to the global effort to end this violence.

Helping Earth

While more people than ever are taking small strides to protect our planet, many don’t understand the devastating impact animal agriculture has on the environment. By living vegan, you’re helping restore and replenish polluted oceans, rivers, forests and other habitats, as well as cleaning the air we breathe.

Helping Yourself

The research is clear: a vegan diet is healthy for humans. By living vegan, you may be able to prevent heart disease, improve cholesterol, and lower blood pressure. Eating foods from plants also may reduce your risk of contracting many other illnesses. And vegan food is delicious!