Thinking of Going Vegan? Great — we can help! Living vegan is the number-one way to help animals, heal the planet, and improve your health. By becoming vegan, you’ll be doing your part to spare the horrendous suffering of animals who want their lives as much as we want ours. With this single life-affirming choice, you’ll also dramatically lessen your ecological footprint and better your health. Truly, the whole world benefits when you align your lifestyle with the values of kindness, mercy and compassion. Let us help you get there!

Say Hello To Our Animal Family

For the last twenty years, we’ve been blessed to know chatty chickens and affectionate cows, old blind horses and sassy ducks, soulful sheep and ‘lap’ turkeys — as well as most people know their dogs, kids, or best friends.

Why Vegan?

Whether you want to prevent suffering, get healthy, or lessen your ecological footprint, adopting a vegan lifestyle is the best way to do all three — and we can help you explore why.

Vegan Eating Is A Snap

Discover how healthy, easy, and delicious eating vegan can be! Our Compassionate Cuisine culinary program is here to help, with free recipes, our acclaimed cookbook (the first EVER from an animal sanctuary!) and cooking classes taught by Chef Linda Soper-Kolton.

The Vegan Lifestyle

Whether an animal is used for research, clothes, accessories or entertainment, the consequences are the same: confinement, pain, suffering, and terror. Every dollar you choose to spend on a vegan product is a vote for the kind of world you want to live in. Fortunately, there are amazing animal-free options to meet all your needs!

Kids + Animals = Dream Team

Our educational programs are designed to inform, inspire and empower young students to become powerful advocates in their own right. Please note that due to COVID-19 precautions, all Sanctuary field trips are currently remote — but your students will love meeting rescued farmed animals. Programs support Next Generation Science Standards and many state education standards too!

Youth Tours and School Visits

Visit The Sanctuary

You love animals… but has a turkey ever fallen asleep in your lap? Have you ever been kissed by a cow, or rubbed a pig’s belly and laughed as she grunted “thank you?” Come meet our family. You’ll discover that, in the ways that truly matter, we really are all the same.

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