Thank You

Thanks for reaching out to Catskill Animal Sanctuary! We’re out hauling hay and feeding goats, cows, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, pigs, horses, and sheep. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

In the meantime, here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions!

I need a new home for my farmed animal. Can you help?
If the case you’re calling about it an emergency, please call your local law enforcement and Humane Society. You can also call PETA’s 24-Hour Cruelty Investigation Hotline: (757)434-6285.

I encountered an injured wild animal. How can I help?
Please contact Ravensbeard Wildlife Center through their website here or by phone at (845) 901-0633, or Friends of Feathered and Furry Wildlife Center at (518)989-6534. Additionally, you may contact your local DEC wildlife rehabber.

Can you take my dog, cat, or rabbit?
We rescue farmed animals at Catskill Animal Sanctuary and
unfortunately cannot take in companion animals. If you truly need to re-home your companion, please refer to a No-Kill Network to find a shelter close to you.

Can I come visit you?
For the safety of our animal residents, staff members and guests, we do not allow drop-in visits of any kind. All guests must be accompanied by a trained staff member of CAS and must have a pre-made reservation in order to visit our Sanctuary (such as a private tour or group tour reservation)

Tickets will soon be available on our website!

I’m not a Member. Can I still schedule a weekday tour?
Yes! Weekday private tours are available to everyone, and members are able to reserve discounted private tours. Please see the “visit” section of our website for more information.

I sponsor someone at the Sanctuary. Can we come by to see them?
Wow, thanks so much for taking on such an important role in helping to care for our residents! Sponsors are welcome to schedule visits in advance by emailing

Sponsors also receive complimentary public tour tickets! However, due to staffing limitations, we are not able to accommodate last-minute sponsor visits. We really appreciate your understanding and your commitment to the Sanctuary, though!

We at Catskill Animal Sanctuary would like to thank you so much for your support of our mission, and of the animals who call The Sanctuary home. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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