High School Senior Brings Kindness to Camp

Emily and Bobby
Emily and Bobby

We’re busy around here getting things ready for Camp Kindness, our week-long camp program for kids. But we stopped everything a few weeks ago when we received a call from Emily, a local high school student who had a surprise. She offered to raise money to help send kids to camp as part of her senior project!

It was so generous of her that we of course said yes! Emily stopped by last week to present a check for $450 and we asked her to share what inspired her to support the Sanctuary:

“I have a real passion for animals and advocating for animal rights. When I first had to think of an idea for a senior project, I knew I wanted to do something with educating people about animals. I have plastered my high school in posters of pictures and facts about the cruelty behind many of the industries involving animals, such as the meat industry and animal testing in cosmetics.

Emily and Jailbird
Emily and Jailbird

But I still felt like I was lacking one aspect that’s very important to me: children! I went online and searched for programs that educate kids about the importance of compassion for animals and Camp Kindness was the perfect fit for my ideas! I would have loved to have gone a camp like this when I was a kid.

I decided to raise money by having a GoFundMe account and a bake sale to send a child to camp who couldn’t otherwise afford it. If I could, I would send every child to a program like this. I think it’s so important for kids to be connecting with the creatures they share the Earth with as they grow up.”

If there’s an awesome award then Emily would definitely win it. Thank you, Emily!

If you have an idea for a fundraiser that you would like to organize then we’d love to hear from you too!



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  1. Emily is a wonderful young woman and she has made a child very happy!!!
    Thank you Emily.

  2. Well done, Emily! As a parent, your concern for our future stewards is inspiring.

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