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Every summer, Camp Kindness offers week-long camp sessions for children ages 8 through 16. Campers spend time with our 300+ rescued animals, cooking and eating delicious vegan food, playing fun animal-themed games, and exploring themes of compassion and kindness for all. CK Teens, ages 12 through 16, have more animal-care responsibilities and learn leadership and advocacy skills, as well.

All programs run Monday through Friday, from 9 AM to 3 PM (no overnights). Flexible dropoff starts at 8:45 AM; aftercare is available until 5 PM for an additional fee.

Camp Kindness, Ages 8-11

  • Become a superhero for animals
  • “Adopt” an animal to take special care of all week
  • Create and share artwork

CK Teens, Ages 12-16

  • Build leadership skills
  • Take greater responsibility of animal care
  • Learn about advocacy for causes you care about

Both programs include:

  • Spending lots of time with rescued animals
  • Cooking — and eating — delicious vegan food
  • Exploring themes of compassion and kindness for all
  • Playing fun animal-themed games
  • Learning cool facts about the environment
  • Discovering ways we can all make a difference
  • Lunches and snacks during the day

Your registration also comes with:

  • Friends & Family Membership to Catskill Animal Sanctuary, good through December 1. (Already a member? We’ll add the time to your current membership.)
  • Cooking class for parents to learn all about easy, tasty, kid-friendly vegan meals — with plenty of sampling!
  • Weekday tour for camp families only — new for 2019!

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The Camp Kindness Calendar

Camp Kindness – Ages 8-11

Session 1: July 8-12

Session 2: July 15-19

Session 3: July 22-26

Session 4: July 29-August 2

CK Teens – Ages 12-16

Session 1: July 8-12

Session 2: July 15-19

Session 3: July 22-26

Session 4: July 29-August 2

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From the Parents:

“My son had one of the best experiences of his entire life leaving a permanent footprint on his soul. He wants to go for two weeks next year! Humanity at its finest!”

“Our son had a wonderful time at camp. He came home every day with much to say about his experiences with the animals at the sanctuary. He was challenged to rethink his own eating habits and explore the world of plant-based cuisine.”

“The experience couldn’t have been any better. My son had a great time meeting the animals and spending quality time with them, the counselors were great, he loved the food, and the learning activities.”

“This was my daughter’s third year at Camp Kindness. She has always enjoyed her time at CAS, even more so this year. The counselors were so wonderful, informative and inviting. The content/information discussed was relevant and made my daughter contemplate and confirm her life choices. It is so important to us as parents to ensure that our vegan children are comfortable with their choices and promote kindness to all beings. Camp Kindness reinforces these principles. Plus, she is now cooking at home. What could be better for a busy mom?”

“It is so important for children to connect with animals on a personal level. Camp Kindness gives kids that experience.”

“Our son cannot stop talking about camp. He knows every animal’s name and read about them on the website tonight. This is going to be one of the best experiences of his entire life. He wants to volunteer all year-long! I see such a difference in him from this experience, honestly the most influential in all his life. He told me he loved being there even more than our trip to Universal!”

“Our granddaughter has attended Camp Kindness since it started. I am very pleased with the things that she learns at Camp Kindness as well as the wonderful people and animals she had developed relationships with. Our granddaughter came into this world as an amazing being, but I believe her time at Camp Kindness has helped her grow in this capacity and to become more mature and confident as she does so. I am always encouraging families to send their children to camp because children will change their families and the world.”

“I would recommend Camp Kindness to others (and have!) because I feel that it is vitally important that we all consider where our food comes from and what happens to factory-farmed animals during that process. I feel it is important for people to have contact with animals to remind them that animals are not placed on this planet to satiate our hunger. And it is important for vegetarian and vegan youth to connect with other like-minded individuals.”

From the Campers:

“I was a camper this year at Camp Kindness and had an amazing experience! I enjoyed it so much that I am interested in being a junior counselor next year for a week.”

“I loved the experience!”

“I have so many human and animal friends there. It helped me fall in love with every animal, learn how to cook vegan food, and share my love of animals with the younger children.”

“One of the greatest parts of Camp is that you get to spend so much time with different species … it’s not AT ALL like school!! It is so much fun, but you get to learn a lot while you’re spending time with the animals.”