Beautiful Goats

14366032433_bf0858d560_zBeautiful goats! Meet Faye, Becky and Emma! These 3 sweethearts had been bred as part of program at The University of Massachusetts to teach students about breeding goats. One of the students learned that these mamas were considered “spent”, slated to be sold at an auction, and would most likely be killed. She rescued Emma, Becky, and Faye along with babies Betty Jo and Elsa (who have since found their forever home) and we welcomed them to Catskill Animal Sanctuary grateful to spare them this fate.

These days the trio enjoys basking in the sun, grazing on the hillside and frolicking about. They crave affection from people, especially a good scratch right between the horns. Faye, Becky and Emma are quite sweet and passive with other goats. They are quite bonded to one another and would love a forever home where they can remain together. If you have a goat that needs some pals or are interested in care for a small group of gentle goats, then please consider providing them an adoptive home! When you come for a tour, be sure to stop and visit with Becky, Faye, and Emma. If you are interested in adopting or sponsoring these lovely ladies please contact adoption and sponsorship coordinator Erin Murphy at (845)-336-8447×232 or




A Day in the Life, Herd Around The Barn