A Memorial for Our Dear Friend Alice Cooper Duck

Before the holidays we lost a very special animal friend, Alice Cooper.

Alice Cooper Duck

Anyone who has visited the Sanctuary and made that left turn at the pond remembers Alice Cooper. No matter if he was swimming in the pond or napping in the grass, Alice Cooper would race towards the fence at the first sounds of visitors. With his excited “quack-quack-quack!” he greeted everyone with the utmost curiosity. He wasn’t just being friendly – Alice Cooper’s main priority was protecting his lady love, Dawn. From the moment he met Dawn, he was smitten, and he looked out for her for the rest of their time together.

Alice Cooper was born from an at-home hatching kit and miraculously survived without the care of a duck mother. It’s no doubt that his life would have been shorter without the devotion of his human family. Aflac, as he was known, had a playpen in their Brooklyn home from which he would constantly talk to his family. He loved snoozing on Dad’s stomach, cuddling with Mom, and following the children around the house. When he was 6 months old, they decided that he should live with other ducks. They believed that he was a girl, so we renamed him Alice and gradually introduced him to his fellow ducks and the pond.

Alice Cooper and DawnIt took him some time to acclimate to life as a duck. But as he learned about himself, so too, did we. Upon discovering that he was actually male, he was renamed Alice Cooper. Alice moved in with Dawn shortly after meeting her, and they had a beautiful life together in their little home on the big pond.

A tragic predator attack took the lives of Alice Cooper, along with Jack and Dylan (two wonderful ducks), and Pierre (a sweet little Bantam rooster) much too soon. We were devastated, and have taken steps to prevent another attack. Meanwhile, we have taken some comfort in knowing that Dawn is alive because of Alice Cooper’s love. There’s no other explanation and no greater gift that Alice Cooper gave us all: the reminder that love is a truly powerful thing.

We will forever miss these members of our animal family. Farewell, dear ones.



Herd Around The Barn, Saying Goodbye


9 replies on “A Memorial for Our Dear Friend Alice Cooper Duck”

  1. I always loved watching Alice Cooper protecting Dawn. There is comfort in knowing that he had he had a beautiful home, the companionship everyone should have and the love of all of you.

  2. Sorry to hear about Cooper and the other animals that were killed at the hands of a predator. Just remember the love and caring home you have given them. Sending love and prayers to all at your sanctuary.

  3. So sorry for your loss. I hope Dawn is going to be okay without her Alice Cooper. RIP sweet ones

  4. My condolences on the untimely death of Alice Cooper and his friends. He had a great life and is undoubtedly swimming around that great pond in the sky waiting for Dawn…

  5. When my daughter was 8 yrs old she wanted a duck…so we found one in a pet store and raised it in the garden with lots of love from my 4 kids. That duck was the sweetest thing. talked to us all the time and lived about 2 yrs, his name was MacDonald. Later when we had a country home, we had 2 big white ones for whom we dug a pond & they greeted us all like best friends, I became convinced they are very intelligent, and loved to follow us around. I talked to them all the time, and loved them so much.Well I talked to our beautiful rabbits too, so maybe it’s just me ! Such delights !

    1. They do speak to us Veronica everyday in a variety of ways. We have some very chatty ducks here who make their thoughts and opinions very well know! Thank you for sharing the story of your babies.

  6. I remember Alice Cooper, and it was clear that he very much loved Dawn. I am so sorry to hear of his passing, and I know he must certainly be missed by all who knew him. Thank you for all the love you provide.

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