April is “Sponsor a Chicken or Rabbit Month!”

white rabbit

All too often, children receive fuzzy and furry animal babies as gifts. Once the pets grow up or their novelty has worn off, these poor creatures are taken to the animal shelter, set “free” in a park or even discarded like trash. This is especially true of the rabbits and chicks that are seen for sale in too many store windows around Easter.

Pass up those poor animals and choose an animal-friendly gift this year. CAS has just the right present: animal sponsorship! April is “Sponsor a Chicken or Rabbit Month!” Show your animal-loving little ones (and big kids, too!) how much you care about them AND how much you care about animals. What better way to celebrate Spring, the season of new life, then by giving a life-sustaining gift sponsorship in the name of someone special!

chickAs a new sponsor, you or your giftee will also receive 2 glossy photos of your animal buddy, a 1 year Family Membership to CAS, year-long updates on your animal’s life, and VIP visiting privileges by appointment. (Just call or email 72 hours in advance). In addition to gaining a new animal friend at CAS, all new chicken and rabbit sponsors in April will receive a FREE chicken or bunny Finger Puppet!

To sponsor a chicken or rabbit today, contact Adoption and Sponsorship Coordinator Erin Murphy at 845-336-8447×232 or erin@casanctuary.org.



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