Don’t Carry Food

We ask visitors to not carry food in their pockets. There’s always someone who decides to not follow the rules, not realizing that a goat can smell a stick of gum from fifty paces. Here’s an example of why we have the rule.

I decided to bring apples to the new pigs, Audrey and Mario, who live past the barn where the goats live. Remember the scene in “Jurassic Park” where they have to figure out how to get past the velociraptors?

I had enough pieces to share with the goats — treats for everyone! But Arthur and Stencil are the biggest goats and not inclined to share. Arthur is 190 pounds so if he sees an apple, he’s going to take that apple.

I decided that Arthur and Stencil had had enough, but then felt sorry for the smaller goats who had been pushed aside. I turned back to give them some apple too. It was when the goats had me surrounded that a colleague caught me on video. But she was laughing too hard to get me running up the road and over a hill to get away. The pigs did get their apples, though.




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