Erin’s Barn Brief

Winter is truly here at CAS, with cold temps and a heap of snow! The frigid weather means making sure every animal is snug and warm at night; the birds and pigs are especially glad for extra bedding to nestle into. Plus, fresh water becomes a top priority since troughs and bowls freeze over within hours. Even though we are hunkering down against the chill, we aren’t hibernating. Read on to get the scoop.

Movings and Shakings

11407849166_7b65067eff_b (1)Welcome back to steer Doc and the Sherman family of cows: Mama, Caleb and Buttercup! The herd was living at the CAS property on Route 32, but has come back over the ridge in preparation for massive renovations to the other acreage. The cows are now happily ensconced in the barn along with Sadie and Tucker, with horses Julius and Dewey for neighbors. Sadie signaled their return with her low mooing cries, acting as always as a beacon of change and drawing the other CAS animals to their fences to watch the arrival.

IsabelFarrier Kevin Post made his semi-monthly visit to the horses, assisted by Animal Care Coordinator Jenn. They shored up the horses’ hooves and mare Abbey even got a new pair of winter shoes…and what girl wouldn’t love that! And then the sheep herd got their vaccines and hoof trimmings courtesy of Dr. Dave Gunzberg of Hurley Vet. Staffers had quite a time wrangling the little wooly mammoths and they were soon sprinting back up the driveway to our neighbor’s (off-limits) yard.


Duck couple Walter and Ming Ming recently went to their new home in Bethel, CT. The lucky quackers found their forever home with Dave L. where they have a private pond and insulated house. Plus they have new friends in Dave’s 2 ducks, Daffy and Daisy. Everyone will miss these feathered cuties, especially their duck house friend, Petita, who is making even more noise than usual.



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