Erin’s Barn Brief

Movings and Shakings

Bobby the senior donkey took an unexpected walkabout a couple weeks ago. A kind neighbor noticed his wanderings on Old Stage Road and staff quickly found him on his way to Kingston. With all the grass buried beneath snow, Bobby may have been searching for a snack. Since keeping him safe is paramount, Bobby is no longer free-ranging, instead staying in the pasture with Beyond and the gang of older horses.


Shirley and Thelma

2014 has already seen new new additions to our family! Bonded duo sheep Shirley and goat Thelma arrived after being abandoned when their caregivers moved house. Ducks Dexter and Bailey were rescued when a concerned neighbor spotted them on an iced-over stream. Last but not least, a young “white bird” named Renee was found ill and injured on the roadside in New Jersey and brought to CAS. Renee is still a chick and her cute peeps echo around the kitchen!

We also welcomed back a couple of our beloved potbellies, Shy Girl and Chopper. The pair returned to CAS after their adopter could no longer care for them and we are happy to have them back in the barn.


Sadly, Damien the goat passed away due to complications with his pituitary gland. While he could be quite feisty, Damien was recently getting friendlier and more receptive to human interaction. We will miss that handsome, one-horned guy.



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