Erin’s Barn Brief

Even during the supposedly “quiet season”, we are always busy at Catskill Animal Sanctuary with animal care, adoptions, pasture moves and so much more. Here are some recent updates!


Camilla_chickenChickens are flying the coop! 93 of our rescued California hens have gone to their forever homes! 15 of the hens are now living with Kathy Knight of Stone House Wood Bird Sanctuary, a beautiful bird oasis in Rhinebeck. Ten hens moved in with Anthony D. of Red Hook and 16 were adopted by Kurt A. of Catskill. I also spent quality time with some of our previous residents at Kurt’s little haven in the woods where some roosters, along with Chris and Steve, the geese, are thriving and happy!

snowy_horsesLots of moving and shaking in the horse pastures! Brutus is now sharing living quarters with Rowdy, Barclay, Opie and Harry. The boys are all getting along and Brutus seems to like his new friends. After the passing of our beloved senior horse, Casey, big old boy, Beyond, was quite lonely. Senior mare Crystal is now being turned out with Beyond’s little herd and Beyond is absolutely besotted with his new lady love! You can even see Beyond and Crystal nuzzling noses through a “window” our volunteer Carol opened between their stalls. Shawnee the mare has now moved up to another field where Noah’s herd lives nd is getting chummy with the other girls. If you happen to see her when you are volunteering at CAS, Shawnee LOVES to be scratched between her ears and down her neck.
The little goat family of Zoe, Eleanor, and Rhu have some new roommates. Four billy goats are learning not to be so “gruff” where ladies are concerned. Jonah, Ninja, Sam, and Jed have moved in and can be seen exploring the hillside and visiting over the fence with the calves. It’s nice to see all the goats coexisting as a larger herd.

Driving Misses Ginger and Miriam…. The piglet girls were given limo service to Cornell Veterinary Hospital in Ithaca by longtime staffer Alex. Ginger went for her spay appointment while little Miriam is there for a follow-up visit to monitor her health since surgery last month. Their brother Moses seemed to enjoy his solo play time this week, romping and rooting in the barn.


In sad news, we lost Little Lux the bunny this week. He was a sweet boy who will be missed by all, especially by his best bunny pal Queenie.



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