Martin Luther King Jr’s Legacy of Compassion

Truth, Justice and Compassion 

These are just a few of the values that Martin Luther King Jr. espoused eloquently and passionately during his lifetime.  On Monday January 20th, Americans celebrate his birthday and his dedication to non-violent social change.

As a progressive thinker, we believe that if Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today, he would condemn the violence that we inflict upon billions of sensitive, feeling beings for humans to eat. He would understand that all forms of injustice, whether they are perpetrated upon humans, other animal species or the living environment must be eradicated. Living vegan honors the great activist’s principles, and his son Dexter Scott King, president of the King Center, is a long time vegan, as was his late wife Coretta Scott King.

We hope Martin Luther King Jr. can be
an inspiration for you on your vegan journey!



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