Reports of an Overturned Truck of Pigs Missed the Real Story

Survivors of the accident
Photo: Reuters/Yves Herman

You may have seen the story about a truck overturning in Ohio while carrying 2,200 pigs. The death toll is up to half of them.

The terrible truth is that the death toll will be all of them. They were intended for slaughter and after a brief respite the survivors were packed up and sent on the rest of the journey. Aside from the accident, stuffing a truck full of pigs is an everyday occurrence.

But what jumped out at us is the reporting. USA Today, one of the nation’s largest newspapers, simultaneously reported that “hundreds of the animals did not survive the crash” and that “there were no injuries reported.”

No injuries reported?

Even before the final death toll it was known that hundreds of pigs had immediately died.

Police pick up pigs
Photo: Jim Noelker/

And we haven’t seen a report yet that points out the irony of sending pigs to slaughter but first taking survivors to the local fairgrounds “where they will be cared for properly.” A local official said, “We want to treat the animals as humanely as we can.”

When did “humanely” cease to mean what its definition says it means? How is there any compassion or sympathy in taking beings who have had a traumatic experience and making sure they’re just well enough to continue on their journey to certain death?

piglets strollingIt’s not surprising that the media doesn’t report the full story. How could they when they don’t see it? They’re just a reflection of how our society treats animals and the little value placed on their lives.

It can be disheartening so I step away from the news and walk down to our newly built “pigio.” It’s an area we built for eleven piglets who arrived last week. Rescued from a hoarding situation, they’re getting used to having outdoor space to run around in after spending weeks trapped in a small dirt pen.

They’re the lucky ones. They found sanctuary.

Watching them become more relaxed as they realize that this could be a safe home is enough to recharge the batteries. More people need to see this. To see pigs for who they are and not for what they want them to be — food.

Back to work.


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  1. Thank you for your insight. Pigs are highly intelligent, loving animals. I no longer look at animals as “food”. I wish more people watched some of the documentaries on our food system as it might get them to say NO to eating them.

  2. Thank you for you insight. None of this was covered and you are right – animals are treated as a commodity, without thought of anything else. Is it any wonder that they are treated inhumanely and tortured in factory farms? We’ve become a disturbing society. thank you for all that you do for the benefit of animals.

  3. Well written! Thank you so much for being there for the animals and providing a safe place for them to call home. Can’t wait to come visit this summer!

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