Saying Goodbye to Bobo

After a full and happy decade among friends, Bobo, our 32-year-old blind mare, died suddenly this past Tuesday.

Bobo was one of the most traumatized animals Catskill Animal Sanctuary has ever rescued. We found her eleven years ago in a dark stall, standing on top of six feet of packed manure, where she had been locked up for nine years. Her backbone rubbed against the ceiling; she hadn’t seen the sun, been able to move freely, experienced love, or had a friend in nine years.

Because of that period of extreme confinement, Bobo considered the world a frightening and dangerous place. Everything was scary: thunderstorms, wind, tractor engines, dogs barking….even the meow of a cat. Once safe at CAS, Bobo would take a few tentative steps outside her stall, but retreat at the sound of anything unfamiliar.

Patience, time, and love ultimately prevailed, and after several months, Bobo left the confines of her CAS stall and ventured out to a large pasture, where, little by little, she learned that “unfamiliar” didn’t mean “bad.” We had the privilege of her company for eleven years. During that time, she befriended blind horses Buddy and Mirage and was dubbed “Barn Diva” because whatever Bobo wanted, Bobo got. More accurately, whatever her devoted humans–Lorraine, Joyce, Julie, April, and so many more–thought she might possibly want–Bobo got–even bottled water for a time, and a matching hot pink halter and lead rope. When her blind eyes had to be removed due to debilitating pain, Bobo accumulated even more fans as volunteers and guests admired how quickly she returned to a full and happy life.

Bobo died of a heart attack, and is buried on CAS grounds next to friends. We miss her deeply.



Herd Around The Barn, Saying Goodbye


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9 replies on “Saying Goodbye to Bobo”

  1. How loved she was at CAS, I’m sure it was a honor to have her there all those years and the experience was so benefically mutual. So sorry to hear of her passing, and hopefully she is up in the big rainbow pasture with her friends.

  2. unspeakable sadness and we thank God that you found her. This is heartbreaking to the point of physical pain. How could anyone treat an animal in this way?

  3. I’ll never get use to the cruelty/neglect/indifference. All I am certain of is this sweet lady had security, patience, love, companionship and knowledgeable friends at CAS to meet her every need each step of the way during those 11 years. I hope she looks down at her farm and friends through eyes that see and legs that kick high at a gust of wind and has what she and all animals deserve, peace.

  4. As a cofounder of an animal rescue here in North Carolina, I know the meaning of the cruelty of neglect. I guess it will never end.

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