A Local Boy Scout Is Kind, Helpful, and Vegetarian

We can’t thank our volunteers enough. (But I’ll keep trying. THANK YOU!)

Alex, Troop 8, Sawkill, NY

Whether it’s group clean-up projects on a weekend or caring for the animals on a daily basis, volunteers are critical to keeping the Sanctuary operating. So we were thrilled to receive a call from Alex, a local 17-year-old.

Alex, a member of Troop 8, Sawkill, NY, is earning his Eagle Scout rank. It’s the highest achievement a Boy Scout can attain. One of the requirements is that he plan and lead a service project. After brainstorming some ideas, Alex had his project: constructing a walkway for the Homestead leading from the front of the house to the back. This would eliminate event guests and summer campers having to walk (or as some campers do, skip) through the kitchen when Chef Linda has multiple pots going.

Alex recruited his family and fellow Scouts to help with the work. First they staked out and dug the pathway.

staking out the bluestone walkway






Then they laid the crushed gravel base and tamped it down.

Laying the gravel






Finally, they laid the stone. Bluestone was chosen to match an existing patio.

Alex's father cutting stone






laying the bluestone






finished walkwayAlex and his team worked five days over the course of a month. We loved watching the progress and love even more how beautiful it turned out! Wouldn’t you enjoy walking on this?

Alex says he wanted to help the Sanctuary because he’s been vegetarian for six years. And since he’s required to fundraise for his project, he organized a vegetarian Italian dinner to help pay for the project costs. If you would like to help Alex get the rest of the way to his $1,500 fundraising goal, he has a GoFundMe page.

Thank you, Alex!


The staff loves the new bluestone walkway





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