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Winter weather brings special challenges to Catskill Animal Sanctuary: heating the barns and keeping all the animals safe and warm become our top priorities. Troughs and bowls freeze over quickly, so our staff must be diligent delivering fresh water. Plus, our feed costs skyrocket to almost $10,000 a month and we are faced with many new at-risk animals looking for shelter.

$30K year end emailIf you haven’t given yet, please make a gift before the end of the year.

Your gift helps Catskill Animal Sanctuary save lives, whether through our important emergency rescue work, or our signature programs, like Compassionate Cuisine. We urgently need your help to care for the animals and realize our bold vision for our new 32-acre property.

Make your year-end, tax-deductible gift
to the animals today! 

We are so thankful to those of you who have already donated to CAS this holiday season and wish peace and joy to all of our supporters!




Herd Around The Barn, Why Sanctuaries Matter


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