Be a Goat’s Hero — Become a Sponsor!

First-time visitors to the Sanctuary are often surprised to discover that not all the residents are behind fences. The Underfoot Family, a group of friendly animals free to roam the grounds, is usually right there to greet visitors as they get out of their cars.

Stencil reaches for the leaves
No tree is safe from Stencil’s reach!

A large contingent of the Underfoots is the goats — the adorable, curious, mischievous goats. They love human attention and use the opportunity to find out if you’ve brought them anything to eat (side note: please do not bring the goats anything to eat.) Our goats have bonded to the caregivers who enjoy watching them communicate with each other. Everyone recognizes the baas and bleats of goats, but spend some time with them and you’ll be amazed by their complex communication. Sneezes, flapping tongues, and pawing make for a lively conversation!

Our goats have an easy-going lifestyle, but their early lives were anything but peaceful. Ringleaders Arthur and Stencil are visitor favorites, but people are shocked when they learn they spent years chronically neglected by an animal hoarder.

Speckles the goat
Speckles was rescued from a defunct dairy farm.

Beautiful Speckles was rescued from a defunct dairy farm where many of the animals were already dead. Consumers have a growing awareness of the lives of dairy cows, but goats experience the same horrors. Their offspring is torn away from them to save the milk for human consumption. The females will suffer the same fate while the males are often killed at birth.

Visitors are charmed by the goats’ antics and wish they could stay to help take care of them. But there’s an easy way to help from the comfort of your home. By becoming a monthly sponsor you’ll help us provide the safe and loving home the goats deserve. Please become a sponsor today and schedule a visit with your sponsored goat! (But remember, no food!)

People who sponsor the goats in January will also receive a special gift: a care package of 4 different WEBA Natural Products Soaps! Indulge yourself with a cruelty-free and earth-friendly product while helping the goats! Become a sponsor now!



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