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CAS Declares Victory — The Goat Games Are A Resounding Success

Friends, we’re doing a victory dance because your incredible support has propelled us beyond our expectations, and we are thrilled to announce that we have not only reached but surpassed our fundraising goal for The Goat Games 2023. Your unwavering belief in our mission and love for the animals under our care have made this achievement possible. Whether you contributed a dollar, a hundred, or even more, your dedication to Team Catskill Animal Sanctuary is humbling.

The past few years have brought unprecedented challenges for CAS and sanctuaries around the country, as the dual impacts of inflation and the lasting effects of a global pandemic have created many difficult challenges for us to overcome. Inflation continues to drive up costs across the board, from essential resources like food, shelter, and medical supplies to operational expenses that ensure effective program delivery. Coupled with the ongoing uncertainties brought about by COVID-19, years of canceled events, and a decrease in charitable giving, nonprofits like ours have had an uphill battle to meet the ever-evolving needs of the animals under our care. As we navigate this landscape, our gratitude for our supporters is compounded, because there is no Love Spoken Here without each and every one of you. Your generosity is truly a beacon of hope.

Funds from the Goat Games help ensure that we can provide custom and individualized diets for each of our rescued animals, from the smallest to largest, from the youngest to oldest, and that specialized medical care can be provided as our animals age. These are just two concrete examples of your support in action.

In other words, our success is a collective effort. Every donor, supporter, and advocate has played a pivotal role in reaching this milestone: thank you for traveling this road with us in support of the animals and the brighter future we are building together. We look forward to sharing the impact of your contributions and celebrating future victories with you.

Stay tuned as we share updates on the wonderful impact your support is bringing to the animals and our sanctuary.




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