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Catskill Animal Sanctuary Joins Coalition to Advocate Against Animal Exploitation At State And County Fairs

At Catskill Animal Sanctuary, we’ve always been dedicated to advocating for a world where all animals are treated with compassion and respect. We believe that every living being deserves to live a life free from harm and exploitation. That’s why we are proud to announce our partnership with a coalition of like-minded sanctuaries, spearheaded by Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, in an effort to bring awareness to the animal exploitation inherent at state and county fairs.

Together, we are taking a stand against the unnecessary and cruel practices that are ubiquitous at these events. The animals at fairs are transported with minimal protection from the elements to be put on display in sweltering heat, where they are living representations of the very industries that exploit them. They are treated as commodities for entertainment and profit, and used to promote a romanticized image of farming that simply does not exist. By joining forces, our coalition aims to raise awareness about these inherent cruelties, and to encourage state and county residents to opt for family fun that celebrates rescued animals versus animals that are exploited.

This exploitation takes many forms. From traditional events such as animal exhibits, a calf birthing tent, rodeos, petting zoos, to pig races, and even live auctions where animals are sold off to be killed, the suffering of these animals is evident. While they’re used to paint an idyllic picture of animal farming, they are stressed, overheated, and uncomfortable, thus revealing  a hard truth about animal farming: their suffering isn’t nearly as important as our desire to consume them and be entertained by them. When we remember that over 90% of all animals raised and killed for food come from factory farms, and that even animals at small farms still wind up at slaughterhouses, we’re reminded why we advocate for the wellbeing of all beings, and why these fair exhibits just aren’t fair.

At Catskill Animal Sanctuary, we recognize the importance of collective action in driving significant change. We encourage our supporters and the wider community to join us in supporting this coalition’s efforts. Together, we can create a more compassionate world, where animals are celebrated for who they are, and where the beauty of life is cherished and protected.


  1. Visit the Fair Coalition website to learn more about state and county fairs
  2. Find out who is sponsoring your local state or county fair and send them the following message, kindly provided by Woodstock Farm Sanctuary: “I was disappointed to see that you are a sponsor for the _____ County/State Fair this year. The fair exploits animals and subjects them to high temperatures, confined spaces, and the stress of large crowds surrounding and touching them. This includes farmed animals as well as exotic animals and those in petting zoos. Pig races, and rodeos also use animals’ stress as entertainment for fairgoers. For these reasons, I cannot support your business if you support the fair. I ask that you reconsider your sponsorship of the fair for next year, and instead consider sponsoring events that help animals in need rather than exploiting them for entertainment. If you want to learn more about the harm that fairs cause to animals, you can read more HERE. Thank you for your consideration of these issues.”
  3. Instead of visiting your local fair, consider visiting an animal sanctuary or shelter to meet rescued animals who interact with the public on their own terms, and in an environment free of exploitation
  4. Share this message with your friends and family and in your local community



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