Erin’s Barn Brief

We’ve had a relatively peaceful week here at Catskill Animal Sanctuary. All the animals enjoyed a cruelty-free Thanksgiving, especially the rescued turkeys who were given extra love and the silly barn cats who stole bites of canned pumpkin!

Movings and Shakings

Rescued Staten Island Turkey

The Staten Island turkeys have made themselves at home, strutting their stuff around CAS all day. They have become much more accustomed to staff and have taken to following the truck at feeding time. A few of the braver birds cut out the middle man and will hop right into the back to serve themselves at the “buffet”!

Piglet sisters, Ginger and Miriam, are both back from a trip to the vets at Cornell. They are both recovering well; each day they are friskier and more full of life. Miriam and Moses are now bunking together with Ginger in the neighboring stall. They are a dynamic duo who loves to root around together, ending their day snuggled up in their mountain of straw. Ginger is getting so big and so crafty: she can open the stall door and even lifts up the barn door if left to her own devices! She took a quick unauthorized detour out into the horse pasture the other morning! It’s a good thing Ginger knows her name and will come racing back when you call her, especially if food is involved.


We lost little Juliet, a chicken rescued from the Kapporat ritual, this week. Juliet had severe injuries caused by this cruel ritual, so she spent much of her time at CAS in a sling for physical therapy. Though certainly too short, Juliet’s life here was rich and full of love, especially for her friend, Cheeky, one of our hens rescued from CA. It was heartwarming to watch Juliet strengthening her legs a little more every day and relying less on her wings to move around.  We will miss sweet voice and sunny disposition. Watch a short video of Juliet and Cheeky here.




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