Erin’s Barn Brief

We’ve had a relatively peaceful week here at Catskill Animal Sanctuary. All the animals enjoyed a cruelty-free Thanksgiving, especially the rescued turkeys who were given extra love and the silly […]

New Homes for the New Year

Our five geese were a tightly bonded group and we had decided a long time ago never to split them up. So, when a couple contacted us about adopting a […]

Jaime and Chauncey Get Adopted

Jaime and Chauncey, our two Pekin ducks, were adopted this week! We’re so thrilled to find a home that could take both of these friendly boys. Their new dad, Vince, […]

Tigger Gets Adopted

This past Sunday, Tigger, one of our Nubian goats, went to his forever home. He was adopted by a man who has also adopted chickens from CAS and has a […]