Featured Creature – Finnigan the sheep!

Meet friendly Finnigan! A member of our fleecy free range greeting committee, Finnigan is our Featured Creature for August. Finnigan came to CAS in Spring 2012 along with 13 sheep rescued from a backyard slaughter operation. At first, Finnigan was shy and wary of humans but he has come out of his shell and blossomed into a friendly and inquisitive sheep who wants only to be loved…..and of course, some treats! He enjoys supervising in the barn, grazing with his pals, visiting with the other animals, and most of all back and butt scratches.


Finnigan is a gentle and sweet boy who will work his way into your heart in no time. Come take a tour and be sure to meet Finnigan and his fuzzy friends. You will soon see just how sweet and full of personality sheep can be. If you are interested in adopting Finnigan or any of his flock, please contact Adoption Coordinator Erin Murphy at erin@casanctuary.org or 336-8447×232. To sponsor Finnigan and friends, contact Outre
ach Director Michelle Alvarez at michelle@casanctuary.org



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