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Erin Murphy

Beautiful Goats

August 29, 2014 | Categories: General

By Erin Murphy, Animal Care Staff

Beautiful goats! Meet Faye, Becky and Emma! These 3 sweethearts had been bred as part of program at The University of Massachusetts to teach students about breeding goats. One of the students learned that these mamas were considered “spent”, slated to be sold at an auction, and would most likely be killed. She rescued Emma, Becky, and Faye along with babies Betty Jo and Elsa (who have since found their forever home) and we welcomed them to Catskill Animal Sanctuary grateful to spare them this fate. These days the trio enjoys basking in the sun, grazing on the hillside and […]

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Catskill Animal Sanctuary

An Ordinary Thursday

August 21, 2014 | Categories: General

By Catskill Animal Sanctuary,

At 6:30 in the morning, Kathy Keefe, Director of Sanctuary Operations at CAS, pulls in to begin her busy day. Minutes later, she answers a neighbor’s call: chickens are running around The Homestead lawn. Concerned, Kathy rushes up the hill to discover two roosters, abandoned during the night and left at the sanctuary’s entrance. And Kathy’s day begins ensuring them a place to call home here among 150 other birds. Catskill Animal Sanctuary is inundated with calls from people wanting us to take their roosters. Whether their child participated in a chick hatching program at school or they bought young […]

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This summer, 33 campers made many lifetime memories with the animals who call Catskill Animal Sanctuary home. One of our campers, Addison, found some of his special moments with a pot-bellied pig named Shy Girl who lives up to her name and will not allow people to get too close. She and her mom endured life for nine years outside without any shelter before coming to live at CAS. Shy Girl’s mom has passed away and now Shy Girl roams as she pleases during the day. Addison chose Shy Girl as his adopted animal for the week and learned that […]

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Linda Soper-Kolton

Why I’m Vegan

August 18, 2014 | Categories: Compassionate Cuisine,General

By Linda Soper-Kolton, Director of Compassionate Cuisine

Jenné Claiborne, founder of The Nourishing Vegan, shares her passion for southern cooking and compassionate cooking as a guest blogger.

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