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Thomas Negron

Why is Telling the Truth a Criminal Act?

February 27, 2015 | Categories: General

By Thomas Negron, Communications Manager

This week The New York Times reported on the case of woman who was indicted four years after trespassing on Hudson Valley Foie Gras’ property. At issue is the question of whether or not she “stole” two ducks. Setting aside the larger issue that ducks should not be considered “property” as if they were an iPad or a bicycle, we were struck by Hudson Valley’s assertion that birds are treated humanely and animal activists unfairly portray animals’ living conditions. If you’re not familiar with how foie gras is produced, take three minutes to watch this video documenting the process. How […]

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Catskill Animal Sanctuary

OK, I’m Vegan! Now What?

February 19, 2015 | Categories: General

By Catskill Animal Sanctuary,

Today we have a guest post from one of our tour guides, Nikki Rowell. All the photos were taken by her. I became vegan in May of 2013. A friend had recommended that I watch Earthlings, a powerful documentary about the many ways animals are used and abused in our society. One of the things that they talk about in the film is how humans have believed for centuries that the value of their lives is worth more than that of an animal’s life. That made an incredible impact on me. While working toward, what I believed to be, a […]

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Erin Murphy

Little Ditty About Bobby and Diane

February 9, 2015 | Categories: Sponsor

By Erin Murphy, Animal Care Staff

At 49, gray-haired Bobby is the senior resident of Catskill Animal Sanctuary and one of the more popular animals people like to meet. As a member of the Underfoot Family Bobby is free to roam the grounds. But unlike the goats who generally stay near the main barn, Bobby roams. You can never be sure where he’ll be and it’s a fun game to try to find him. He spent much of his life around cows and will happily allow himself to be groomed. You’ll know he’s been visiting them when he returns to the barn with cow-licks everywhere. But he returns […]

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It’s a blustery day in New York, and I’ve just returned to the office after cleaning one of our main cow barns with my friend David. My pal Tucker, a 2,500-pound Guernsey steer, greeted me by burying his face in my chest and “mooing” softly — a barely audible sound that I call cows’ “I love you” moo. Beautiful Bernard, a two-year-old Jersey steer, lowered his head for us to scratch between his horns. Sadie, closing in on twenty years old, peered in from outside. The work began: lifting soiled straw and poop, piling it high in the truck, dumping […]

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